Overnight Success!!!

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” Steve Jobs

Breakdown: Hey! Remember that footballer, actor (or more popularly used in these sort of cases:) Musician that you thought just “blew” out of the blues? He was rejected in 10 different football clubs, she went for 100 auditions, he went to 50 radio stations seeking airplay, stood singing to his songs while trying to sell CD’s in the park, and did countless unpaid shows…

You know it’s pretty easy to see someone doing well and think it happened overnight:more often than not, success takes focus, determination and most assuredly TIME! #SuccessTakesTime #NoOvernightSuccess #Quotes #WisdomQuotes #SuccessQuotes #EbubeAguQuotes..

Fact: To “blow” aka “hammer” means to succeed in a mind racking manner and to come into the lime light (“suddenly”)

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