“The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat.”
― Richard Marcinko.

What the heck does that even mean? Well if you asked that (or even if you didn’t), you might want to continue reading.
The quote can be related to our everyday living, as we know life is a war and every day there’s a battle to face. The problem with us is that we tend to think that what matters most is winning the war and as such we neglect the battles.

“Wars are comprised of Battles, Battles are comprised of Combat, And Combat is birthed in Training”

Just imagine a soldier who doesn’t get acquainted with his gun before battle, and comes in front of the enemies and starts fiddling the weapon, checking the buttons to see what this and that can do, testing the functions and then prepares to engage… I’m sure we’ve seen enough movies to imagine the kind of unfortunate end that will most likely befall our beloved soldier.

This Post has a very simple but vital message, and it’s about Opportunity. A lot of people whine and complain that good things rarely come to them and yet they keep doing the same things over and over again. If you’re not ready to maximize opportunity when it comes, you’ll most likely not see it as an opportunity. I’ve once heard it said that when opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.

Let me deviate a little bit to an indigenous example. There’s a certain story about the foolishness of the man who went to borrow after his wife gave birth. Now, the culture here (as in the story) entails that the man whose wife gives birth would buy a goat to celebrate. But this man in question, goes around looking for where to borrow after his wife has delivered. So the question that you can help me answer is, was the baby a surprise? Was the 9 months preparatory period not adequate? Even if he still wanted to borrow, couldn’t that have been done before the delivery?

Truth is, many of us crave opportunities that we are not ready for, we yearn for the spotlight and simply hope to make it. Most times when we face opportunity (or combat) comes, we are not ready and hence get a serious beat down.

The Sweating is Vital. The Training is Important. If you are ever going to conquer in what ever sphere you desire, you might wanna pay attention to these two areas. Opportunities rarely ever send you an email to say it’s gonna pay you a visit, it just shows up at your door, rude right (I know)? Well, that’s why only a handful of people attain success in life because only a handful of people will stay home dressed. We’re all used to dressing down while at home, the same way people are used to waiting for opportunity to knock before getting ready. Guess we all have to wake up now before the next opportunity turns into our street

3 THINGS ABOUT OPPORTUNITY You must know in order to SUCCEED!

1)       Opportunity most times does not send a message ahead to announce its arrival.

2)      Opportunity is like a train with a fixed destination, whether you get in the train OR not, it will still move on.

3)       Opportunity is not on anyone’s side, it is neutral and favours just about ANYONE ready for it.

So will you be like the Weapon Fiddling Soldier, the Man who’s baby took him by surprise, or would you be the one at home, dressed, ready, and training for what is to come? This is what would determine your success (or lack of it).

Finally, I leave you with this “GRAPH OF SUCCESS” (which by the way, I personally constructed)

Where S= Success, O= Opportunity, and P= Preparation.


“Success” Is Where “Opportunity” meets “Preparation”.

Are You READY… For Success ???

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