Take the Time to Grow.

“You barely ever notice you’re growing until others do, or you reach something you couldn’t before.”- Ebube Agu

Growth is not as obvious as death, I guess that’s why many don’t consider it as such a big deal… I mean it comes naturally right?

As humans when we simply eat, drink water and do the natural things we were programmed to do, we grow without stress, without strategizing, planning or even praying, we grow each day, each month and each year.
However, in many areas of our lives, growth is not “natural”, rather, it is deliberate. Unlike in the Physical, in other spheres of Life, growth is a decision. Sounds funny right, You decide to grow?

I remember something one of my favorite rappers (Andy Mineo) said; “Being a man has got nothing to do with age, you could be a boy till the day you lay in your grave”. Now let’s look at that, you can’t help but to grow (in age), you don’t fight for it to happen, in fact some people even fight for it not to happen, but then in MATURITY (Mental Growth), one must make a choice to grow.
Just like in Mental Growth, “the deliberate growth” theory cuts across as many areas of life you can imagine. Financially, Spiritually, Socially, Academically and so on, growth will not send you an application for partnership, you have to go get it YOURSELF.
This foundation was to bring us all to the same level (that today’s quote is on). Now that you’ve decided to grow (say in Attitude), you may not be able to outrightly tell that you’re growing but you sure are.

To all my gym fam I’m sure you can relate to this… When you’re working out and you keep looking at the mirror, at that time, you might think nothing is happening and get frustrated. But if you continue and then check yourself in some weeks/months what you’ll find would amaze you. Most people never get to this last stage though, cos after a day or two, a week or so, a month or more, they give up.
Truth is, as a man thinks in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7). The (Mental) man more than any other part of the human defines a person. So let’s approach Growth as Mental (or Attitudinal) Growth.

FIVE (5) things You must DO in other to CHANGE Your Life!

If You want to see a change in ANY area of Your life;

  1. You MUST FIRST decide to change your mindset in that area.
  2. You MUST see it as achievable, obtainable and possible.
  3. You MUST work hard at it, honestly, we know change is hard to initiate and even harder to sustain.
  4. You MUST never judge yourself based on what You see, but based on what You know (you’ve decided to do)
  5. And finally you MUST NEVER lose sight of the picture you saw when you decided to change.

Looking at yourself, and observing your progress, as you feed yourself the necessary nutrients you require for growth, “You barely ever notice you’re growing…”, but no worries, keep at it.

Whatever you do, make sure to keep adding VALUE and WORTH to yourself, don’t think, “hey I can’t see any difference”, someday you will and on that day you’ll be glad you took the time to grow!

I’m not saying don’t analyze progress, evaluate results, appraise efforts and all that, No. What I’m simply saying is, don’t use it only as a benchmark, “Time” almost more than any other thing is a strong factor in growth.
Bottom line is, make sure you’re doing the necessary things you need to do to progress from where you are, and even if you don’t immediately see said progress, don’t give up, it’s building up, soon you’ll notice you can do something you couldn’t before, soon you’ll see your capacity increase amazingly and you’ll find growth gracefully.


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