Hello Fam, how has the year been so far? Some people must be wondering, “What’s wrong with this dude… I mean the year just started right?” Truth is you may think that, but that’s the kind of thinking that gets people swamped with worries towards the end of the year and also filled with hope and a bag full of resolutions for the yet unborn year.

So I’ll ask again (hopefully, this time you won’t think me weird), how has the year been so far?

Back in school I caught a revelation of excellence and it related to TODAY, yes, you read that right, TODAY. I’ll use the life of a student to explain what I mean, then you can as well apply it to every other area of life.

The typical student comes into the University with high hopes, hopes of being the best graduating student in their department, hopes of bagging a first class. More often than not, we find that they usually don’t end up achieving those things. Here’s why.

People aim for excellence like it’s at the end of their journey and not the beginning, they target it like it’s an end and not a means. Don’t get me wrong, there are things you can do which will lead you to (the end called) excellence.

But no one wants to get “Excellence” just to hang it in their house with pride. No one wants “Excellence” only to update their status on Social media with the caption being something like: “Hey, I’ve got Excellence”

Excellence is not the end. It helps you achieve the feats you dream of in any endeavor. So how to get it yeah? Back to my University revelation…

These students (who desire the First class), look at achieving that in their whole stay on campus, they look at their 4 Years of study and “see” their 5.0 Grade Point Average, they look at the end of the semester and “see” their results only littered with A’s. But one place they fail to look at is their day, to see what their efforts in that day was worth.

They keep looking at the big picture (which in another context is great), but fail to see the pixels that make up the picture. They are so entranced with the end of each semester/ session that they forget that the session is comprised of a Year, and a Year is filled with months which in turn is filled with weeks and then days. So we can see now that it all comes down to TODAY. This is where it all begins, this is what determines whether or not our long term plan (or wish as the case may be) will see the light of day: The day.

Let’s look at the quote for the day to help us understand this concept more.

“I’m defying my best work; Today is proof that I should be better than I was yesterday”

– Ebube Agu

(Dug out this picture quote from two years ago. Truth stays relevant, it’s age notwithstanding.)

Truth is, God made days so we can have something to look forward to, so we can have past, present and future. It fosters HOPE, It helps evaluate PROGRESS, and aids in PLANNING! I know it might be hard for you to imagine an unending day, but God could have made it that way you know, and we would have been used to it. As a matter of fact, hope you know that’s how His own life is (outside time), but to help us in this realm, those (check points, bus stops and toll gates in form of) Days, Weeks, Months, and Years were put in place. I know from the scriptures that my path should shine brighter and brighter and every new day reminds me that I should be truly BETTER than the former me! The DAY is a TOOL given to us by God for measurement. Think of the day as the S.I unit of Success. You use it to gauge how far into success you are.

You can’t have that first class without the year being a success, and you can’t have a successful year without the DAY being a success. This is a cure for procrastination.

Because (a lot of times) people that procrastinate are actually big dreamers, they desire greatness but what they don’t know is that by pushing the work of today to “tomorrow”, they are selling their Right to greatness.

So I guess this is as good a time as any for you to encounter this truth, the year has already begun, and it won’t wait for you to acknowledge it.

Now that you see that life that you wish to have, the way you “plan” your year to be, is all hinged on TODAY.

So begin to invest into each day, measure your efforts and then the (success of the) day will in turn lead you to a Year, and a LIFE of Success and Excellence.


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