Hey there! How’s today looking for you? As for me, the day whispers in my ears that its another chance to LIVE, another chance to LOVE, another chance to showcase greatness to the world, another chance to GROW. Hold on a moment…

When I say “Grow”, what comes to Your mind?

Do you think of eating and increasing in physical mass, do you think of the work you need to put in to grow your self, your business or your relationship? What comes to mind when you hear “GROWTH”?

In my experience, I’ve come to find that a lot of people (way more than you’re currently thinking) do not actually have the right idea of growth. A lot imagine many different (& often erroneous) things when they think of growth, and since I’m all about INSPIRATION, I must take it upon myself to set the records straight. If we must experience Growth in every area of our “hustle”, then we must put in the work, and to put it the work, we must know where exactly that needs to be done.

So here goes 5 of some of the major things that people have considered to be Growth but in reality, is not.

NOTE: I may sometimes refer to “Growth” as (my boy) “G” 🙂


  • Growth is not comfortable. Get that thought out of your head! Growth causes a disruption in your itinerary, it’s not like a walk to the bathroom or a bite of your favorite dessert. Its evasive, it’s disruptive, it’s often uncomfortable. Even in biological growth, a lot of changes must take place in humans for growth to occur, mental, hormonal, physical and otherwise. What makes us usually ignore the uncomfortable aspects of growth is the end result. It always outweighs whatever the process might demand. Let’s round off this point by looking at some truth by John Maxwell: “We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are”.
  • Growth is not magical (it’s not instant). For the fairies in the house please, throw away your magic wand when it concerns growth cos your magic won’t work here. Growth is not overnight, you can’t just sit and watch “it” like a cooking pot. It comes as a result of consistency and time. Remember an all time favourite video game: Mario? Mario was a tough nut, he’d break bricks with his head and jump unimaginable heights and distances. Then to cap it up, he had mushrooms (I hope that’s what they were) that once he ate, he’d grow in size. In a space of about 2 seconds, Mario would have doubled in size. If you ever played the game, I’m sure that like me, you always looked forward to this growth. But guess what? Life was not designed after the Mario game. If you want growth, you have to put in the necessary time and go through the processes.
  • Growth is not ACCIDENTAL! One does not stumble into growth. You can’t mistakenly run into my boy “G” at the mall. You can run into an opportunity to Grow, but you can’t run into Growth. Its rather INTENTIONAL. One must make calculated, planned and strategic efforts in order to Grow. Incase you’re thinking of that time where you “suddenly” noticed growth in your body, business, relationship or any other area, then I must tell you that even that growth wasn’t coincidental, you MUST have been doing something that prompted the growth, even if you were not aware. Growth is Accident proof, so if you’re averse to it, then you can rest easy, you have better chances of dying than of growing (just saying it as it is)
  • Growth is not just by EFFORT. Some of you might be reading this and thinking, but I put in the work, I “grind” hard, so what’s up “G”? Well its not all about putting in the work all the time, if the work is not being put in the right places, isn’t that wasted effort? Ok, cos I Love basketball, let me use it explain this point. Imagine a basketballer who wants to increase his vertical leap (ie. how high he can jump), he works out a lot, runs and always ” puts in the work”. After some months, he notices that he’s still not jumping higher than he was before he started his vertical leap program. What should a sensible person do at this point? Do a proper EVALUATION of course, make sure that all that work is going into the right place. Same goes to us and our lives, its doesn’t only start and end in effort, it entails effort… In the right places. RE-EVALUATE!
  • Growth is not a product of speed. Growth has more to do with consistency than it’ll ever have to do with speed. Hey, this is not a license to “slowdom” or sluggishness. Consider growth as a race. What kind of race would it be? You guessed right (or did you?), it’ll be a marathon and not a 100M sprint. In marathon, the most desirable attribute is STAMINA (sustainability, consistency,). Yes it’s not about being Fast And Furious, but it does not rule out the Need For Speed. There is need for a healthy dosage of speed to be mixed with stamina in order to birth Growth. So remember, it’s not just about speed, many are going nowhere FAST!

    My boy “G” is liked by virtually everyone but not all of us are willing to do what it takes.

    Be that as it may, I’ve done what he asked me to. He needed his name clear, he needed You to dissolve those misconceptions and understand a thing or two about him.

    Don’t worry, I have not forgotten the quote for the day, sometimes we save the best for last. Here it goes;

    “He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.”

    Friedrich Nietzche

    First time I heard this quote was from Prince Akeem (played by Eddie Murphy) in Coming to America. It struck a chord in my heart then and my sincere desire is that it strikes a chord that will change your life for good.

    Till next time, Keep Believing. Keep Living and Keep Growing.

    2 thoughts on “5 THINGS THAT GROWTH IS NOT!

    1. You cannot fly into flying; There is a need for speed but more importantly is a need for sustainability and consistency

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