Hi Fam. Thank God it’s Friday, Yei!!! Actually, I thank God for everyday, whether it’s a Monday or a Friday, it’s great to be alive right? It’s been a busy week for me this one, real busy week. But not too busy for you though. So today’s piece is for y’all that have been facing some kind of recurrent challenges, it’s for y’all always wondering why the whole world looks and feels the same, like there’s always problems or issues with everything.OR maybe on the flip side, everything is always bright and sunny for you…

I remember a certain story of an old man who was in his sitting room sleeping and his grand kids came and smeared some smelly substance on his mustache (imagine sour cheese or rotten eggs). He woke up with disgust all over his face wondering what was “stinking” in the sitting room…

He left there and went to the dining room and encountered the same stinky state. Then on to his bedroom and even to the kitchen, the stink seemed to have spread everywhere.

He eventually got fed up and decided to go outside. Upon getting there he was met with the same stinky state and blurted out; “in fact the whole world stinks”

Little did this dear old man know that the world wasn’t actually stinking, but that he was the one with the stink.

Check yourself before you resort to external blames. Take charge of your life.

It ALWAYS begins with you AND it all depends on Your MINDSET.

The way you see (/treat) Life is basically the way it’ll see (/treat) you

You must be careful to mind what lives in your mind and take stock of what you produce as a result of your “tool”.

So… What tool do you have in your hand today? Be careful. Take note of it. For it would determine your attitude and interests.

Check your MIND(tool)SET Today and know why you’re where you are.

Now decide the right tool you need to shape your life the right way.

Become the CARPENTER of Your Life, become the SCULPTOR of Your destiny, determine the course of your Life!

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