Special Invitation. Host; FAILURE

What’s uuuuuuuuuuuuppp? Hyped? Down? Happy? Confused? Comsi? Comsa?

Anyway you wanna feel, just remember it’s (officially) the end of the week, which means?

Well, which means a chance to kick back, relax, evaluate, re-strategize and reposition for the greatness next week holds (if only you can contend with it).

So someone might be reading this and feeling like soaked bread, you might not have been able to achieve somethings you planned for the first week in “The Great 2018”, but here’s one for you to ponder…

“Failure is an event, Not a person”- Zig Ziglar

Lets look at it…

If you have an accident, do you consider yourself an accident because of it?

What of a headache; When you have a headache, do you label yourself as a Headache afterwards?

That’s too distant you say? Ok then, remember that document you were preparing and you found out you made an error? Did you start calling yourself an “Error” consequently?

If your answer to the afore-asked questions is “NO”, then WHY OH WHY do you regard yourself as a Failure, SIMPLY because you failed???!!!

Please ALWAYS take note of these 5 things about Failure:

  • FAILURE is an EVENT!
  • FAILURE is not a PERSON.
  • FAILURE is not YOU!
  • FAILURE is not an ACTION

Nothing, no one, no circumstance, can brand you a failure asides yourself.

What you do after failing determines how failure will measure you. Your ability to get back up, brush off the disappointments like dust and choose to TRY AGAIN!

And… before I go, let me leave this poem here for you;


…And if You fail

Get up and TRY again

And when you crash

Get up & FLY again

Until failure gives up on you

And success knows your name.


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