Good Morning My Neighbors!!!

If you’ve seen Coming To America (which I referred to some posts ago in 5 THINGS THAT GROWH IS NOT!) you’ll remember the morning after Akeem the Prince of Zamunda, got into “town” and enthusiastically greeted his neighbors like I just did, (and if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll remember that) he got a response alright, but it wasn’t one filled with his positive vibes. Well however it may be for you this lovely new day/week, this is me sending positive vibes and good thoughts your way.

To start the week right, I think we must look into some of our actions and inactions. Today will be focused on what you do with (your) time. As simple as this sounds, what you do with (your) time is directly proportional to what you do with (your) life. So let that sink.

“…what you do with (your) time is directly proportional to what you do with (your) life. So let that sink.”

Looking deep into a Quote from the “Book Of Life”, we see how we should walk, live and spend our days. Here it goes:

The days are truly evil, but we have the remedy.

Contrary to the popular saying, opportunity doesn’t come but once, but it doesn’t come a lot as well.

One of the questions you can ask yourself when you’re tempted to push aside something you should do is; If I don’t have another chance to do this, would I be happy with myself? Would I feel fulfilled or would I feel regret?

Another translation of the verse quoted above says: “Walk circumspectly”. Live a targeted life, don’t let situations, people and everything else pull you every way. In a world where noise is on the increase, it’s more necessary than ever before to shut out some things,

Many of us always feel like the 24 hours allotted to us should be increased, we think the answer to having more time is being given more time, or having less to do. Even if we ALL had 48 hour days, we’d still have most of the time management issues we have now, a lot of us would still be tardy or not meet many appointments, a lot of us would still wish for more time.

“What we need to increase the quality of our lives is not the quantity of time but the quality of our choices!”

You want your life to count? You want to have “enough” time to do what you desire, then pay attention to THESE THREE THINGS

  • Walk CIRCUMSPECTLY! Pay attention to your schedule. Not every thing that can be done, should be done. In school, we were taught Scale of Preference and Alternative forgone in Economics. It’s time for those lessons to leap off the pages and into our lives.
  • Watch How You Live! Just because you’re free to do as you please, doesn’t mean your actions will not hold you accountable. As free as we are, we are yet tied to the consequences of our freedom. Think about that.
  • Spend Your time wisely! Don’t be foolish. I’ll like to define foolishness as “thinking that you can be reckless with time and Life will yet be kind to you”. Time and Life are loyal to one another, once you figure out how to handle (your) Time right, it “informs” life about your actions and Life in turn, produces good things for you.

So no matter how much I talk (or write), it all boils down to YOU.


No one will give you a second chance at it.

What are you doing that is not contributing to your Life?

What do you think you should be doing?




For The Rest Of Your Life!!!

And I’ll see you at the top!

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