It’s Monday, It’s Monday, It’s Monday!!! Not usually a day to hype right? Well, you should know by now that I celebrate everyday, and also encourage you to do same. Remember that today holds the key to your future.

Anyway, hope your weekend was a relaxed and fun one. That’s over though, time to face the new week.

Have you ever imagined beating Michael Jordan in a one-on-one game? Ok, what of thrashing Steph Curry in a 3 pointer duel? Well, if you haven’t, I have. And when (or more like “if”) that happens, the world will hear it. Just like in Like Mike, when “Calvin Cambridge” (played by Lil Bow Wow) wows everyone by beating the star player “Tracy Reynolds” (played by Morris Chestnut) and suddenly becomes the talk of all, that will be my story if I were to ever throw it down on Lebron James. But lets quit dreaming, and let me paint a real picture for you.

Imagine I was set against Michael Jordan in a shooting contest and he was made not to take any shots and I took as many as I could. I don’t think we need a sports analyst to predict who will win that contest.What does this say to you? You will NEVER hit a target you don’t aim at! You will NEVER make a Shot you don’t take, and of course forget about scoring a goal, without making an attempt.In our story, the chances of “MJ” making a shot against me are nil. It’s impossible. So also, you can’t hit targets (in your life, business, academics, relationships, etc) that you don’t deliberately aim and shoot at.If I were you, this would simply tell me to start at aiming at things I want and actually start going for them.

“Your chances of achieving your goals increase with each deliberate decision you make and each deliberate action you take (towards it).”

(Note the number of times I’ve used “Deliberate”)

Remember how you achieved all those goals you DIDN’T set?

Remember when you wanted “Any” grade and you got just that?

Remember how successful the days you didn’t set targets were?

Truth is… You CANNOT Miss a target you didn’t set in the First place.

So if you NEVER want to miss; Don’t bother setting goals or having targets…

…But if you’re Willing to Miss and keep shooting till you Hit EXCELLENCE, PURPOSE & DESTINY, then..




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