Facts are Truths made certain with evidence which cannot be faltered. Facts are not feeling based, or subjective. Facts are not hinged on opinions but on verifiability. Facts do not go away because you wish it to.

Here are some facts for your consideration:

  • The Nile is the longest river in the world.
  • The Red Sea is not actually red (incase you didn’t know)
  • Nigeria (my country) is popularly referred to as the ‘Giant Of Africa’.
  • As of the time of this post, the Nigerian football team ‘Super Eagles’ has qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup
  • In the next two months I’ll turn 25 (Yeah, the big 25)

These so called “Facts for your consideration” are not so called so that you can debate them, they are true, irrespective of your ideology or opinions.

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored”- Aldous Huxley

Now, as a matter of fact, it’s safe to say that The Nile River, has drowned a lot of people. Unaware people who didn’t know how they fell into it, people whose vessels sunk, daring people who thought they could wade successfully by themselves in the waters… A lot of drownings must have happened in that river, and it pains me to say that many may yet still drown there in years to come.

This is not a sad story of casualties and accidents, this is not to dampen your spirits and get you sombre. It’s to open you up to the reality of drowning. I’ve had first hand experience of what happens before someone actually drowns. It was some years ago, as a teenager, when a friend of mine (who of course was an excellent swimmer) led me to dive into the 10 Feet end of the swimming pool. I honestly didn’t analyze the situation properly, if I had, I’d have probably seen myself gasping for air under the water due to a lack of proper preparation and orientation. Thankfully, my God (who never sleeps), found a way to help me out.

If that swimming pool could do that much damage, then imagine what The Nile itself can do. Incase you’re wondering why I’m going on about drowning and The Nile, I’m out to sensitize people on the dangers of drowning. Although I wouldn’t want anyone to drown in The Nile (or in any other waterbody for that matter), I also would NOT want anyone to be drowned by DENIAL!

Yes, some of you might have guessed it right, the title of the post today should actually be “The Drowning Power Of Denial”. I’m just too fond of my play with words, anyway, I’m sure you enjoyed the statistics and also getting to know about my “near death” experience.

I said all that to properly illustrate the reality and danger of actually drowning, but this time, drowning in Denial. Denial is (an attempt) to refuse to believe something which exists nonetheless. It is rejecting a Fact which cannot be changed. It is popularly found in cases of grief, when someone who loses someone/ something dear, is at a stage of “denying” that what happened actually did happen.

Aldous Huxley has a word for everyone of us,

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored!!!

I remember growing up, I so hated to do laundry, and let me just admit that I still do. Back then I often put off things I was meant to do till ‘later’ or ‘tomorrow’ (I guess I didn’t get the memo that “Tomorrow never comes”). I’d stash the dirty laundry away from where it could be seen and just keep wishing it away. My dear mum would always then say to me: “Ebube, no matter what you do, those clothes will be there waiting for you”. Oh, how I hated hearing that, I hated it because the truth of the statement haunted my procrastinating and lazy self. It always reminded me that I can’t wish away the existence of my dirty laundry. Even now, I still apply that ideology, and I think I need it now more than ever.

I happen to have an exam coming up next week and studying has not been easy or delightful, and I find myself wishing I didn’t have to take the exam or that it would suddenly be postponed. I then have to pinch myself with the truth that facts are facts, and the fact now is that the 19th of January is fast approaching, and whether I like it or not, believe it or not, plan for it or not, it would happen. Knowing fully well that I can’t change the situation, it’s now left for me to steer which way the result would go.I’d like to believe that I’m not the only one who often wishes things away (even if they’re irrefutable Facts), I’d like to believe that there are people like me that often find it hard to get some things done. If you can relate to this, then join me in reckoning that;

FACTS CANNOT BE WISHED AWAYWe have to be careful not to ruin our lives living in a fantasy world that doesn’t exist.

We have to wake up and work to beat our deadlines, we have to decide that we will finish (or even start) that book, we have to decide to make that investment, we have to decide that whatever we have in front of us, we will take head on, plan adequately and execute strategically.We have to STOP WISHING and START DOING.What’s that thing you’ve been dreading to do, that absolutely needs to be done? It won’t magically disappear my friend. You either use the facts to your advantage or let it be to your disadvantage.In summary, I’ll loud again some of the vital points already made here…


Whether I like it or not, believe it or not, plan for it or not, it would happen.”

So, now it’s time to…


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