Wow!!! This was how I woke up today! Okay okay take it down a notch, it wasn’t all colourful at the beginning, but what it was was purposeful. I had a ton of things to do (still have though), and so I took out a little time to meditate, plan and start the day right. I read a chapter of a book (in preparation for an upcoming exam, which if you ask me is too close, but who’s asking yeah?), then went out for breakfast.

I don’t know what came over me, but there was just this joy that I couldn’t explain. I had just finished a call to a dear friend where I listed all the things on my neck. I didn’t get discouraged after that, No! It was like I had a re-resolve at staying cheerful and enjoying life as it comes.

A lot of times we’ve got so much to do, so many people counting on us, and this and that to take care of, and as a result, a lot of us forget to LIVE, for real, we do. We are so glued to the destination that we are comatose through the process. I’ve often told my friends (and others who care to listen) that I think one of the things that makes it seem like I enjoy life more than most people is that I’ve learnt to LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

A lot of y’all are always looking at the NEXT phase, the next level, the next thing, but what about NOW? I hear people go: “I didn’t enjoy my time in (so, so and so) school”, or “There’s nothing I miss about that place”. Truth is most times you were NEVER really there to begin with. You never gave yourself the opportunity to enjoy or have something to look back to.

Ok, practical time.

Where was your last stage before where you are now?

Do You remember how you clamored so much for the stage you are now?

Why do you think anything will change when you get to the next stage?

It’s a never ending cycle. Life will continue to give you different levels to aspire to, but if you don’t PAUSE and breathe in the NOW, You’d have missed an invaluable opportunity to enjoy the PRESENT.

“The Past is gone, The Future is a Dream, but the Present is a GIFT, aptly named ‘The Present‘.”

Anyway, in the spirit of enjoying The Present, when I got back from the breakfast hunt, I spent almost an hour dancing to very Vibe-full tunes on my phone with my headphones conveniently tuning me away from the noise in the world. It didn’t matter that I didn’t have the best moves though, what mattered was that I was LIVING. I was filled with so much energy and positive vibes, that I didn’t only feel, but actually knew, that I could take on the world.

Jumping For Joy
Amateur Photography Alert!

Take a moment, look around, you weren’t here a while ago, and in a short while you won’t be here, don’t you think THIS is worth enjoying? Don’t you think LIFE is worth Living?

It doesn’t matter where you are, or if you’ve not gotten to where you want to be, what matters is what you have. So when next someone asks you what you have to be so grateful for and your reason for being “overly joyous”, tell that fellow: “SOMEONE GAVE ME A GIFT!”

And that gift is THE PRESENT!

Abraham Lincoln Quotes
I Choose LIFE!
  • WAKE UP!

3 thoughts on ““SOMEONE GAVE ME A GIFT!”

  1. Nna ehn, and I almost shouted yaayyyyyyyy! A Gift!

    Thanks for this though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks dear. But someone actually did give me a gift!!! 😀


  2. Interesting.What a gifting day!!!


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