ToothacheHave You ever had one of those mean toothaches, cavities or even extractions? If you have, you’d know that the pain that comes with it is not pleasant at all! Your entire body is aware when the teeth is having a bad day. It seems like there’s a direct connection from the teeth to the rest of the body. I’ve had first hand experience with this, and that is why I can so relate to the pain. I’ve had to fill my teeth a number of times, and even had to deal with extractions. I experienced what I’d call the most excruciating ordeal the last time I was at the Dentist’s (two years ago). The “nice” lady extracted a tooth, but it wasn’t as simple as it sounds, the battle was more gruesome than what The Gladiator went through. For the sake of decency, I’d spare you the details, all you need to know is that it was so vigorous and so daunting that I didn’t know when my eyes decided (on its own) to bring out tears (I didn’t say I cried).

Then speaking of broken foots, I’m equally experienced in that department. Because of my Love for Basketball, I’ve had my fair share of sprained fingers, wrists and ankles. The most recent one was some weeks ago when I sustained an ankle injury during play and it affected me more than I imagined. It took a good while to heal and every time my feet hit the floor, it diligently reminded me that it was sprained. This pain (just like the toothache) also affected my whole body, it made me conscious, it made me aware but most of all, when I needed it, it left me hanging and in dire pain.

This is not a horror story or a tale of woes, but I needed you to feel (or at least relate to) the pains of having a Toothache or a broken foot. That is the way many people are, they are Toothaches to others, they aren’t trustworthy, they cannot be relied upon (like my sprained ankle), they are here today and gone tomorrow, and no one can ever really vouch for them.

To trust in such people can be likened to putting money in a pocket of holes, you know the pocket should help you hold your dear money but then it lacks the ability to.

Proverbs 25:19 NLT

“Putting confidence in an unreliable person in times of trouble is like chewing with a broken tooth or walking on a lame foot.”- King Solomon

(Proverbs 25:19 NLT)

Today’s “lesson” is not about warning you about Toothaches in your life, as much as it is about admonishing You NOT TO BE one yourself.

You have Colleagues, Neighbors, Partners, Friends, Family, that are ALL counting on you (in one way or the other), they expect “this” of you, and expect “that” from you, they believe “this” is what you’d do for them and believe that you can never do “that”.

WHATEVER You are doing with WHOMEVER, at WHEREVER, I beseech you by everything the future holds…


Be that person that people are sure they can count on, be that person that people are confident will always come through, be that person that brings people’s mind to rest…




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