It was only Yesterday that while cleaning up the house a thought came to me; what if something were to happen NOW & You die?

What hit me next wasn’t a fear of death, it was more like the fear of not having achieved. At that moment I wasn’t thinking of money, houses and cars, I was thinking of the amount of Impact and Influence I’ve had on my world. I asked myself if I’d given myself to a cause and stayed true.

I asked myself, IF I DIE TONIGHT…

What have I changed?

Who have I helped?

What have I achieved?

Who have I touched?

It was as if I knew Death was lurking because later that evening we were to get a call that one of my dear Uncles was sick and was rushed to the hospital, we prayed and prayed… This morning I was woken up before 6 am with the news that he’d just passed on a while before that. I was disheartened and unhappy to say the least, I even went back to my old ‘punching-wall-when-I’m-furious’ mode.

One thing kept me though, one thing tried to lift me up, the memories I have of him, the Life I know he lived. He was not a Lazy man, He was not Selfish and He was not gloomy, rather he was Hardworking, Generous and Joyful. I took consolation in the fact that his Life was well Lived, “well lived” meaning that he’d touched as many lives around him as possible, gave his God-given virtue back to his world and Yes had truly made an impact. This helped me to see the Sun seeping through the blinds into the otherwise apparent gloomy scenario, it helped me pray for the ones he left behind, for fortitude to bear such a loss.

It helped me have HOPE, because I knew our maker would welcome him back with open arms like a son returning from a long and successful trip…

In the song “If I Die Tonight”, the American hip-hop artist Lecrae said this in one of his lines;


“IF I DIE TONIGHT, I’ll go knowing I gave this world my EVERYTHING…”- Lecrae.

ALL that You can ever Leave behind that will mean anything are MEMORIES, either of the Impact you had or did not have, of the time you spent with loved ones (or the time you did not), of what really mattered to you and how you made people feel. Of the time you Invested into People’s lives (or the time you did not). That’s all you CAN (or will) leave behind, “If You Die Tonight”… If You die TODAY!!!

It was only Yesterday that while cleaning up the house a thought came to me; what if something were to happen NOW & you die?

I asked myself, IF I DIE TONIGHT…

What Have I Changed?

Who Have I Helped?

What Have I Achieved?

Who Have I Touched?

3 thoughts on ““IF I DIE TONIGHT…”

  1. Really, we hardly chase the essence of living.
    As this quote brings me closer, nearer and familiar with the experience of my dad. In all I see, IMPACT, LOVE AND MEMORIES are truly an essence of LIFE. “We live in the future as though past”.. Samify

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aptly put my brother, aptly put.


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