“I’m My Own Boss”

One of the things I battle with the most in my classroom is noise-making, disturbance and fighting. (Yes, I’m a teacher for those of you that don’t know). The most common reason I get whenever I catch an offender is; He was the cause, He hit me, He did this or did the other, it’s his fault and those sort of statements.

Sadly, this is not only found among children, in fact I think adults may even be more guilty of this. People rarely ever just take the blame, their actions (mostly when negative) must be as a result of a person, situation or some external thing.

Like I’d ask my student; “Why were you fighting?” And once I hear him say something like: “It was him, He did…”, I’d step in immediately and in my usual way give a sermon. I always try to explain to them that “You make noise, not because someone made you do so but simply because YOU are a noise maker”, “You fight, not because he hit you or ‘asked for it’ in some way, You Fight because YOU are a Fighter”.

“You are not a television that can be remotely controlled or a game that can be moved around with a joystick”.

But you can be rest assured that if you let yourself be turned around by any and everything, then you don’t belong to yourself.

I find it ludicrous when I hear people make statements like “he made me do this” or “she made me do that”. It’s honestly disturbing, I’ll make sure that I teach my kids this truth;

“Your reactions are also Actions, Don’t Let the prefix deceive You. Your Reactions are totally dependent on who YOU are and not the person or situation you’re reacting to!”

Actions And Decisions

When I started taking responsibility for ALL my actions (whether it was an outright action or even a re-Action) was when I saw what it meant to steer my own ship. A lot of people are still stuck letting others cruise the ship of their lives…

When I decided that I’m My Own Boss, was when I took over control of my Life. I had to learn to stop being a Pinocchio, pulled by strings and lying about who I am, and decide to become REAL, to decide what I do, where I go and ultimately what I become!

Act and REACT because of who You are and where you’re going not because of what “he did” or what “she said”.

“…For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things”. Matthew 12:34-35 KJV

NB- Out of the abundance of the heart the MOUTH speaks (& the person acts) Note! Not out of the situation or whatever: What you do doesn’t define others, it defines you!

Stop feeling Victimized!

Stop throwing Blames!!

Start Living And DOING things SOLELY based on You and WHO YOU ARE!!!

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