“YOU WERE BORN WITH A SILVER SPOON… You just don’t know it.”

So today I’m driving straight to my point without taking any detours (please bear with me for deviating from my usual style), but I need today’s message to sink deep into your spirit man, I need you to grasp the concept and run with the vision so please bear with me, cos today I’m driving straight to my point without taking any detours. (The Spirit of Poetry has decided not leave me, what can I do?)

Now hear this (or read if you like), and hear it clearly;


There are two extreme mindsets people have that produce utter failure:

  1. The Mindset OF ENTITLEMENT &
  2. The Mindset OF being DISADVANTAGED

Maybe another time, I’ll go deeper into the first point, but it’s basically the belief that one is supposed to get some kind of “deserved favour” or a feeling that people owe you stuff, your parents, your employers, friends, etc. Truth is, that’s an intense illusion, no one owes you a dime!

“Stop expecting hand outs, grow up and WORK for what You DESERVE! Cos truly ALL You deserve is ONLY what YOU WORK FOR!”

Moving on from that, the second point is our major take-home today. The other party of “failing people” belong to that party not because they feel entitled, but because they feel disadvantaged. They feel that they don’t have access to the resources others have, they are not as privileged as others. Let’s fact it, You MUST have struggled with (at least) one of these two at one point in your life (if not presently), and if you fall into the second party, I have a word for You;


My Great Uncle, “P” realized this and said in Acts 10:34 “…Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons”. Listen to me! It doesn’t matter your Nationality, Personality, Religion, Socio-Cultural orientation, Connections, Language, Physical Attributes, Pedigree, WHATEVER, IT DOES NOT MATTER!!!!!!! What matters is that you understand that the rain that God sends to fall on the rich, is the very same one that falls on the poor. You are a product of the principles you choose to apply in your life. Put more elaborately;

“Your life is a result of life’s principles that you either observed or violated.” – Sunday Adelaja

Dear brother, Lovely Sister, I don’t know where you are, or what You’re going through, but I do know this;


Do you hear me???


You’ve been designed to overcome, God provided ALL You need to thrive in Life, YOU WERE BORN WITH A SILVER SPOON… You just don’t know it. It’s time, to wake up, realize that you have ALL the opportunities that you decide to convert, you are capable of becoming whatever you put your mind to:

YOU! My Dear, were born with a Silver Spoon,


YOU just didn’t know it,


So, on Your Mark, Set… GO!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on ““YOU WERE BORN WITH A SILVER SPOON… You just don’t know it.”

  1. Now i know.. Thanks


    1. My Pleasure


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