“The Hunter”

As much as I’m an advocate of pushing on and forgetting the past, we need to face the fact that somethings you did in the past WILL SURELY have repercussions. Yes sometimes we want to just move forward and leave the old things behind, but many times the past comes back in form of consequences, consequences of what we did, and of course, we have to deal with it.

So this is a WAKE UP call to us not to create too many hunters and have to run too many races, the poem (below) is about the PAST, hopefully, it helps you live well in the PRESENT and lay proper foundations for the FUTURE.

Here’s to ‘The Hunter’…

The Hunter!

Don’t be deceived

The past will haunt you

Just because you’ve moved on

Doesn’t mean the past is long gone

The past is like a bitter ex (X), that wants to know why (Y)

The past is like Yesterday that really wants to come to- Day

The past is like an angry man whose car you hit & run

He will chase you silly, he may even pull a gun

The past is like 3 abortions and an “unwanted pregnancy”

It stays close to you, it holds you like a grudge

The past is like bad results that won’t let your résumé go

Constantly wrestling your future, wanting to hide your glow

The past is like a tattoo of the name of your last boo

The sight of it brings regret, but what are you gonna do?

The past is like a hunter that just wants his game

The past is like ashes that is left by the flame

The past did not learn the lesson that you learnt

It wants you to pay, like a landlord demanding rent

So don’t be deceived & don’t be ignorant

Yes you’ve moved on, & Yes you have grown up

But no matter where you are, this remains true

The Past will surely come, with an aim to haunt You.

Poem gotten from my upcoming book “We All Need Healing”.

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