So imagine I’m in rehab, sitting in a circle with other “recovering addicts”, what do you think I’ll say (I’m dealing with) when it’s my turn?

Can you guess one of the strongest addictions I’ve had to fight?

What was your guess? Chocolate? Movies? Drugs? Booze? Nope, it’s none of those things. It’s a long time friend, a potential nemesis, a resilient foe, his name is (drum rolls please,) “PROCRASTINATION”. Didn’t see that coming right?

So back to what we were imagining earlier. In the circle it gets to my turn to speak and I take the stand and say; “Hi, my name is Ebube Agu (and of course the response goes; “Hello Ebube”), and I’m a “CHRONIC PROCRASTINATOR”. Maybe because of the serious atmosphere people might not laugh (out loud), but if it was Twitter, the backlash I’d get, might be enough for me to close my account and walk away.

Nevertheless, the truth is that if a lot of people (maybe YOU too) were to be honest and open up, they’re struggling with the same addiction. Procrastination has a substance it produces and people struggle everyday to get a hold of this “substance”, it’s called “EXCUSES”.

Now looking at such a substance, how many times can you say you’ve indulged in “Substance Abuse”? My guess is probably too many times to count. If you were to get arrested for this, how many counts of substance abuse do you reckon will be leveled against you? Enough for (at least) a lifetime in jail right?

Okay okay, enough of all these charges and allegations. But this was a truth that hit me, changed my life, is still changing it and I figured it can change YOURS too.

Excuses are so attractive, they drip with so much “potential”, their power of seduction is off the hook. This is why it still gets the best of men.

” ‘Procrastination’ is like the getaway car while the designated driver is ‘Excuses’ “

Just when you are faced with that undesirable (but usually necessary) task, guess who’s ALWAYS there to open a window of escape? Guess who will NEVER run out of ideas on why you shouldn’t do what you’re meant to? ‘EXCUSES’, that’s who.

In my war against ‘Excuses’, I had to arm myself with this truth provided by Picasso;

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”


Don’t allow ‘Excuses’ have your future for lunch, don’t become one of the countless victims behind the bars of Failure as a result of overdosing on ‘Excuses’. Don’t let (this) substance abuse take your life.

There are two ways of abusing this substance called ‘Excuses’:

  1. Using it ON others. That is the excuses you tell others, like your family members, colleagues, boss, friends etc. This is usually less conflicting and easier because to do it, you would have had to do the next one first, which is
  2. Using it ON Yourself. This is more common and is the source of all cases of “Excuse Abuse”. Before you ever utter an excuse to someone as to why you didn’t do something you were meant to do, you must have first of all swallowed it yourself.

Actually, a lot of people will excuse your excuses and possibly understand what you’re going through and your condition, and a few won’t. But one “person” that will NEVER condone or forgive your excuses is “YOUR FUTURE”.

Think about this, that no matter how skilled you get in “Excusiology”, it will never, EVER change what Your Future will give to you, because all it will offer you is what you give to it?

If you put in good work, Your future will most definitely give “good results” to you, but if you keep putting in Excuses into Your Future, when it comes to its turn to offer something to you, all it will have to offer are EXCUSES too.

Let this sink deep into YOU and (hopefully) EXPEL AND OBLITERATE the addiction to Procrastination & Excuses…




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