No jokes, I did swallow a poison, the only thing is that it was a “slow poison”. Before we get into how it happened and how on earth I survived, let me tell you a story.

So I’m visiting at my cousin’s, and there I was this morning washing the car and getting it ready, when my cousin’s 6 year old son comes out to have a chat with me. He asks; “Uncle Ebube are you carrying us to school today?” And I go “Why should I carry you, am I your driver?”(It’s worthy of note that whenever I’m around, I mostly drive them to school).

The response from the lad (which I never saw coming) was “Yes, You are.”

For some reason, that statement hit me, it gave a really hard punch to my ego, and many feelings & thoughts went through my mind in that instant, thoughts like “Who’s this chap to call me his driver?” “How dare he imply such a thing?”As these thoughts raced through my mind, I “controlled” myself & blurted out the pettiest comebacks in the history of all petty comebacks…”It is You that is a Gateman”, I said.

You won’t believe what this young boy said next; “Gateman is that one that opens gate right? Yes I am the Gateman.

“Wow! That response hit me even harder than the “Driver” comment. The Joy with which he said it, the total lack of care or pride was astounding. I must admit that it was it was utterly humbling.

So yeah that was what I swallowed, that slow and deadly poison called “Ego”.

“Ego” is one deadly killer if you ask me, it makes people wretched, makes them borrow to live above their means, makes them suffer just because they can’t be honest about who they are, makes them deny what they do and the list is endless. Ego is another element that gets the best of men.

“Any man that has never had to swallow his pride is still choking”- Ebube Agu

Some people will never be truly successful, happy or fulfilled because they can’t “bring themselves” to do that (so called) demeaning job, or to give their Love to the one whom they truly cherish, or to simply accept who they are.

Pride is a choker & Ego is a killer!

If you let it, it will eat you up like a slow poison, reduce your opportunities and cripple your potentials. No matter Where You Are or What You Are doing, learn to SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE and be free to be You…

That is how YOU can be truly


2 thoughts on ““I SWALLOWED A POISON”

  1. *hands up*

    Apt! I was Blessed, Thanks.

    “Be free to be you, be free to be who God has called you to be, Be Free!!!”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was my pleasure ma’am.
      Thanks a lot!


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