“A Chance To Live… AGAIN!”

I stumbled upon a piece I wrote EXACTLY a Year ago, on the 1st of February, 2017. Today also happens to be Thursday, “Throw Back Thursday”, so I guess everything was screaming for a repeat.

Yeah and by the way… HAPPY NEW MONTH FAM!!!!!

So, here it goes;

“It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live”- Marcus Aurelius

Breakdown– Why do we fear death? Why do we fear failure? Why do we have doubts of what we’ve never done?

Right now as I write this, there’s a student out there with a vision of breaking the Academic record in his department.

There’s a lady with a multi million dollar business idea that she’s never seen anywhere.

There’s an elderly man who wishes to return to school, get a master’s degree and possibly a doctorate.

There’s a young boy in elementary school who’s dreaming of becoming the president of his country and “making it beautiful”.

Many of us Live our lives never living. We have ideas of what we could be but hold closer the fears and doubts that keep us from daring to become… Most people are afraid of death their whole lives and end up not living. The real fear drives one to live, drives you to push to make a change in history, to do what you were born to do.

A month is gone and there are just 11 more in this “new year”. Many are so cautious they don’t live. You’ll never be truly alive until you let yourself (fears and all) go and LIVE!!!!

Ask yourself this: “Am I dying to Live, or Living to Die?”

I for one, choose Life. Everyday I will push to the limits, break the barriers and climb the walls for just one chance to LIVE. To become… What I was made to be.

Fact– One of the greatest fears people habour is DEATH (it manifests as Doubt, Fear, Failure, etc) But in the duration of our lives, no matter how fortunate, unfortunate, wealthy, poor or whatever we are, We will only meet Death ONCE! In the real sense we have OUR WHOLE LIVES TO LIVE OUR LIFE.

Don’t spend your life dying, (that’s just sad). Spend it Alive! Get out there;




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