I wanna be like Jesus, it’s that simple/ Now you know what I’m about, hope that gives you a dimple

Cos if it doesn’t, this poem might just not be for you/ This is serious business, and if it interests you, get on the queue

The queue of those waiting to see the city whose streets are made of gold/ Where angelic and heavenly beings God’s Glory do behold

Now I’m tired of looking at myself the same way each day/ Filled with the thoughts that my flesh is nothing but clay

I often wondered why I get sick or tired/ Until I realized that was simply the way my flesh was wired

Not like myself, the Spirit man, whom I’ve known to be Eternal/ But like any other thing without a recreated spirit: simply just carnal

This body is the reason why I look at women with lust/ This hobby is the treason we commit that makes we men get lost

I’ve come to learn that my flesh has never profited my spirit one bit/ Has never let me grow past the idea to be only physically fit

As a carnal man you know it’s a thing of pride to be muscular and heavily built/ But as one eternal, if I’m not feeding my spirit, the feeling I get is guilt

So I’ve learnt to damn the desires of the flesh and simply walk in the spirit per time/ Lest I fail to be more than a conqueror, or even (worse), fall short of my prime

I’ve also decided that I’d rather give my all to God rather than to money or sex/ Cos I want my heart to be treasured in the treasure of God’s Chest

I’ll no longer major in minor or minor in major/ Cos what follows me as I follow God is Favour

Mind you, this decision is not for the frail minded or weak/ Or for those who believe that it’s weakness to be meek

It’s for those who’ve counted every other thing inferior but Christ/ Those who have abandoned natural affections, and do pay the price

Mind you, the Eternal man isn’t one that is useless on earth/ But one that shines the light for all to receive a rebirth

This rebirth is the only way to become truly eternally minded/ Now as Eternal, walk as gods, no need to be reminded.

Ebube Agu (2014)

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