Today’s story has absolutely nothing to do with my boy Harry Potter. Well unless you’re considering how his surname is related to something food-like and how of course how he casts spells and stuff.

Are you already wondering what I’m up to again? What happened to me this time? What sort of spell hit me? Alright then, read on, let me “spell” it out for you (*winks*)

I am a foodie, of some sort. This for me means that I haven’t ever being able to decide “My Best Meal”, why you ask? Well… The truth is, I always find something exciting about every dish; either the taste, or the crunchy nature, might even be the after flavor it leaves in my mouth, or just simply how it graciously fills me up.

My mother always tells tales of me being a very lovable child, because all anyone needed was to feed me and I would be as gentle as a child could ever be. I never rejected food, even while asleep.

No wonder I was nicknamed “Awoom”, which is the sequence and sound of opening and swallowing.

Fast forward to the present day and I still eat like I get paid for it. My colleagues and friends have gotten tired of “yarbing” me with the fact that my mouth is always constantly engaged.

Now for someone with a wide and varied appetite like mine, I have an unlikely challenge, a strange problem, a flaw, or if you please; a seemingly irresistible spell cast on me. It’s simple, most times I end up having the same meal when I am hungry and go out to eat.

What is this meal that has stolen my heart (or should I say my stomach)?

It’s the same old, simple, ageless, never expiring, universal, heart-warming and stomach-filling super combo, “Pounded Yam and Egusi”.

Let me paint a picture for you.

Its lunch time at work and in the immortal words of Thor: “This mortal form has grown weak. I need sustenance!” So I get up to either go to a previously visited joint or try a new one, (which is more of what I would actually do). I get there and hear all the delicacies on the menu, usually if I’m lucky, it’s a pretty and eager looking girl that would attend to me, but If luck decides to play a fast one on me, it would be an unenthused shabby looking girl that would recite the items on the menu like we used to recite our times table in Primary school. “Sir we have Fried Rice, Jollof, White Rice & Stew, Banga, Beans, Yam, Fufu, Pounded Yam, and Garri”. Meanwhile somewhere in Wonderland, I harbor some personal thoughts, like;

“Why do they always mention the ‘swallow’ they have instead of the soups, can someone eat only swallow?”

“This pounded yam she is calling, is it poundo or pounded yam because me I won’t hear story oh.”

“Garri? What? Me! spend my money on that, God forbid!”

“Ha! That Banga soup would just be awesome right now, with a nice drink to wash it down.”

After much meditation, I would just hear myself instinctively ask for Pounded Yam and Egusi, usually with a splash of another soup like Ogbono, to create a better landing. I would take at least two wraps of the old guy and craftily mold its members like a sculptor and submerge it into the ocean of Egusi goodness as I savored every moment of it. More often than not, I’d enjoy the meal, but once finished and ‘the spell’ was gone, I start asking myself questions on why I didn’t’ have the Rice with Banga, or maybe with Stew. Suddenly I would remember my Love for Fried rice, salad and chicken, or how much I’ve been planning to have my old friend ‘Yam and Beans’. Of course, all this would only come after the Pounded yam and Egusi has taken its ‘rightful place’ on the throne of my stomach chambers.

Pounded Yam and EgusiI have often wondered and even enquired, What is it about “the super combo” that always pulls me to its court? Why can’t I fathom having another dish when hunger strikes? What is so satisfying about the meal?

Usually these questions are only met with follow up questions like:

Is it because it always gives hunger a knockout blow?

Am I scared that other meals won’t satisfy me as much, especially when trying new places?

Or maybe it’s because like my mother told me, I have been dedicated to swallow from age 6 (6 months that is)

I am still hoping I find the answers I seek, whatever it may be. But in the meantime, as I dwell under the influence of the spell, I am gearing up for yet another intriguing, spirit lifting and body-filling episode with “the super combo”: Pounded Yam and Egusi.


Could that be where the name “Super Bowl” was gotten from? (Ok bye).]

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