Have you ever wondered why a certain kind of people are drawn to you?

Have you ever wondered why people come to you with some certain type of issues?

Have you ever just taken a moment to take stock of the people in your life?There’s an atmosphere that everyone carries… EVERYONE! You build and maintain your atmosphere, and then you attract people that can thrive in such atmosphere.

DON’T blame the people in your life for the atmosphere you live in, blame the atmosphere in your life for the people you see around you. You can’t have an atmosphere of Purity (or whatever else You choose) and keep attracting the impure, take note of the state of your life by the genre of people you constantly attract. (TWO cannot keep walking together except they are agreed Amos 3:3)

You cannot continue to associate with people going a different direction from yours, you have to create a healthy atmosphere in which formidable and profitable alliances can be formed.

Lastly…You need to




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