Ha! So with these words from Papa Idahosa, I can literally just go to sleep and trust that I’ve preached today.

But as usual, I have to picture my words, I let them paint a vivid picture for me to see, for if I can’t see it, how then can I become it?

So this is me driving yeah? And then I get to this junction and it’s barricaded, it’s a thin stretch of road so I have to reverse a good while before making a turn. As I’m reversing, a bystander sees me and asks: “Sir, hope there’s no problem, Why are you moving backward?” Then I look at him and in the words of the Archbishop I say; “No my friend, I’m actually going the other way forward”… The man would probably look, wonder what I said means and possibly ask what on earth is the difference between what he said and what I did. Then I’ll let out a cool smile and say; “Perspective my friend, perspective”

It’s not just about what is happening to You, it’s more about how YOU SEE what is happening…


Today I hung out with some friends, we played too many rounds of Cards and believe it or not (somehow, as good a player as I was), I didn’t win ONE single game. This might not mean much to you, but for someone who likes (sorry LOVES) winning a lot, it was a big deal. I’m a sore loser (or I used to be), but as big a deal as the draught of wins was for me, it didn’t affect me negatively, ONE BIT. Why? In my mind I was actually MOVING FORWARD!

I did what I now try to do in virtually every situation, LEARN!

No matter how bad a movie is, how boring a read turns out to be, how bad a decision seems, or how uneventful the day/ event is, I ALWAYS consider it a Win as long as I can LEARN!!!


As long as I can squeeze out a lesson, I know I’m moving forward. This is another reason it’s very hard to catch me staying down for long;


There’s never a backward motion for the one who’s decided to ALWAYS MOVE FORWARD.

There’s never a shortage of rainbows for the one who decides he can paint his world.
Can You decide with me TODAY that;

We can LEARN from EVERY situation

We can ALWAYS see colour in a colourless situation, and

We can ALWAYS choose to move FORWARD no matter how rough the roads might seem.

Yes, We Can!!! (Feeling like some first African-American U.S President)


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