“Score. Win. Repeat!”

“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands”- Anne Frank

I have an idea what it feels like to be a parent now, I can now imagine (to some extent) what looking out for someone means…

Only 8 years apart but I feel like I’m responsible for the young lad, I find myself praying for him a lot and yes sometimes wishing… that he would NEVER make some of the mistakes I made, I mean, why did I have to go through it all only for him to have a repeat.

Keep him in all his ways, let the things that pull young men down not have a hold over him. Give him restraint, self control, discipline & fortitude; let him not be driven by lust but by Love.
Make him an example among his peers, let him Love you with all his being, let him diffuse your fragrance in every place. Let him NEVER think he can “play” with girls and get away with it, give him compassion Lord, let him know that every action comes with its consequences.

Give him godly and sensible friends, let him not have to struggle with personal battles and burdensome peer pressure as well. Let him not be afraid to speak against evil and stand for what’s right. Give Him Vision early, make him focused.

And also make him an example, let him do what I NEVER COULD, reach where I NEVER WOULD and build what I could NEVER BUILD.Yeah Lord I also noticed he looks up to me a lot now, you and I know my flaws, and stuff I’m struggling with…

Please make me a good example for him; let me represent you well, let me shine the light properly, let me be a beacon. Let me not fail you!

#KeepOurProdigiesLord #MayTheyExcelWhereWeDidnt #PrayerForaSon #HopesOfaBrighterFuture #TheStoryOfaParent #TheConcernsOfaMentor #TheLoveOfaBrother!🙏

Dedicated to my (little) Brother…<<<<

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