“Measure Up!”

Everyone wants to be GREAT (at least every normal person). Greatness however, means different things to different people. Someone’s vision of Greatness might not interest you at all and vice versa, and this is because we have different aspirations, visions and desires in life. One’s idea of greatness must be tied to their (INDIVIDUAL) aim and purpose in Life.

This greatness of a concept is not like a be-quitted gift, you don’t get “lucky” when it concerns Greatness, You don’t get it as an Inheritance, it cannot be transferred or lent to another.

Greatness MUST be an expression of your Life’s work and investments. It is proof of your VALUABLE existence. It is Your receipt of seasons of sowing and sowing. It is reward for DILIGENCE & CONSISTENCY!

I said it before, I will say it again; GREATNESS is NOT AN INHERITANCE, it is not received as a result of luck, it cannot be transferred or borrowed.


In this “life on the fast lane” times, it’s hard to find people who aren’t hung up on “The Dream”. Most people are “Living in the dream but NOT Living the dream”, because after the dream comes the chase, but most of us would rather keep dreaming than start chasing.

This is why GREATNESS eludes us, even the very mention of our names makes it run away as fast as possible. Why does he run you ask?

Here’s the thing, “G” (Greatness) is my guy, so I happen to know one or two things about him, and to answer your question…

G eludes many of us because… We are MORE dedicated to fantasizing about it than in actually doing the WORK necessary. Tell yourself the truth, if Your DREAMS and EFFORTS are put on a scale, will your efforts stand a chance or will your dreams tip the scale?


Imagine there’s an actual scale and your Efforts are put on one side and Dreams on the other, will your efforts be heavy enough to (at least) match your dreams, or will your dreams be too heavy in comparison to the corresponding efforts?


1. Efforts and Dreams are in Par = People on the RIGHT path. The path to Greatness (with TIME being the constant in the equation) These are the ones who go on to become Great.

2. Dreams outweigh Efforts = People on the “Dream Wave”. Lost in Fantasy and have failed to WAKE UP & Put in what it takes. = Failures of men, riddled with oversized bags of unending Dreams.



Are You busy Living in the dream (Fantasizing, and possibly wishing for a big break) that you’ve forgotten to LIVE THE DREAM (Wake Up, Work and Actualize)???

“If Your DREAMS and EFFORTS are put on a scale, will your efforts stand a chance or will your dreams tip the scale?”



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