One of the most commonly asked Questions regarding Purpose is

“How Do I Know what I’m supposed to do?”

If you saw this question in “Bespoke” and you really need an answer, then you’re in luck, cos I’m gonna give it today.

Having found out how unique you are, the next thing is to know what to do concerning that.

How does one know what they’re meant to be doing?

What are pointers to your place of purpose?

Here are THE THREE PEES You never want to forget;


This is FIRST on the list and the most important ingredient in finding your place of purpose. What is it you’re passionate about? What do you enjoy doing? What is that thing/event that when you’re doing, the whole world can wait? That’s your passion, that’s worthy of note.


Very easy and natural, check and list the things you’re passionate about. Weigh them, and pick out the one that you’re most passionate about.

There’s a huge chance that your place of purpose can be seen through your passion.

“Passion is like a road, a road that leads to Purpose”


This is not as crucial and indicative as Passion but it should also be considered. Please note that it should NOT take precedence over PASSION, it should not be decisive, but rather should help the decision process.

Someone that is meant to function in a particular area can (for some reason) perform badly in them, hence the advice not to quickly decide based on performance. Performance should ONLY be considered after PASSION has been, and should be considered with caution.


What are the things that you’ve been doing very well in, the areas that you’ve been excelling? That is a strong indicator to your place of purpose as well. So in addition to Passion, weigh your repeated Performance and factor it into the decision making.

NOTE: This should not be used alone to determine Purpose, there have been countless people who failed repeatedly in their place of purpose but kept pushing till they overcame. People like Ben Carson, Abraham Lincoln and others too many to count.


At the end, it doesn’t really matter what you are meant to do or could do if you can’t stick to it, plant your feet into it and be PERSISTENT. This is what sets people apart, and this is what makes the difference between a SUCCESSFUL PERSON & an UNSUCCESSFUL PERSON… PERSISTENCE!!!

“Persistence is the rare virtue of finding what to do and doing it and doing it and doing it, until you’ve found a way to do it the way you’ve always dreamed it should be. It is the unrelenting decision to remain PASSIONATE about a cause until your PERFORMANCE validates the cause… PERSISTENCE!”

Now you know these THREE PEES, so what’s the “P” (problem), why are you still “there”?


AND MOVE!!!!!!!

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