Ladies and Gentlemen, this is an official notice/ Everyone of you listen up for you must hear this

This is a Disclaimer! Let there be no misunderstanding/ By definition it is renouncing or repudiating a connection, or as I’ll simply like to call it: Rebranding

In a typical disclaimer, one might denounce a title, a property or right of ownership/ But this disclaimer began with the good shepherd and his search for the lost sheep

I don’t know about you but I used to be among this herd/ For so long did the master look for me, call to me, and all He really wanted was to be heard

How could I hear him though with my ears plugged to the tunes of lust and malice/ Leaving me lost in a strange land, wondering like Alice

You see then I thought that strange land was mine/ Until I realized it was a field of destruction: land mine.

Back then I saw life as my station so I Played it/ Too busy merry going round I got dizzy in it

I thought I was living free and being “me”/ Ironically I didn’t even know who me was, or who I was meant to be

I defined myself by what others said or what I saw myself doing/ Little did I know that my actions shouldn’t define me but I should define my actions, truly

For those of you who didn’t quite catch that/ I meant that who I am should inform what I do, that’s a fact!

Forget what some philosophers say about existence preceding essence/ Cos if what I do determines who I am that would make the creator’s work all nonsense

Just because an Eagle behaves like a chicken doesn’t make it a Chicken/ It only means it’s an Eagle dwelling in darkness, in need of a beacon

Speaking of beacon, let’s take a moment and talk about light/ I mean that same one scriptures say the darkness cannot comprehend its might

Hehe, this just reminds me of the Green Lantern’s creed/ In gloomy times and dangerous moments, His courage it did feed

At those times he’d say: In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight/ Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!!!

So back to the case, my life didn’t reflect the image the architect had drawn-up/ I was broken, misguided, afraid, defensive, proud, hateful and so much more

How could I possibly see light in that instance/ How could I even do right in that circumstance

How can you explain the concept of color to a blind man?/ Or convince a cancer patient that God has a plan

Yet in all of this, the savior kept calling out my name/ He understood my shortcomings cos He knew my frame

I had run so much, I had no where else to run / With no more strength to move I stopped and looked up to the sun

The son who I heard took pain in place for my peace/ So that day, (June the 30th, 2005) I asked Him to make me whole. Jesus Make me whole please

The transformation that followed was prime, the reconstruction divine, and the jubilation mine.

I was so excited I had to let everyone know/ But at the same time had to let the old me go

So now this is my disclaimer! Let there be no misunderstanding/ I hereby denounce my title of sinner, and my right to sin

I also hereby denounce my sinful nature and announce that henceforth in Christ I am a new creature

I renounce brokenness and embrace peace/ I renounce lust, masturbation, pride, selfishness, and every form of malpractice

I give up my right to envy, to covet and my right to disregard authority/ I have a new title, a new land, and a refined deed

Just to be clear, a deed is defined as “a legal writing or document executed under seal”/ The seal in this case is the blood of Christ, and my faith and confession makes it a deal

According to Romans the tenth chapter and verse nine/ If I believe in my heart and confess with my mouth with Jesus I will dine

So now this vessel is under new management, God’s got the C OF O/ I’m dwelling in the company of Angels, and God’s the CEO.

Now the Holy Spirit has my button and direct access to my heart/ Now no disease, temptation or doubt can ever tear us apart

I’m one with Christ, in Him I Live and have my being/ This ain’t no semi detached living, no I’m fully sold out to Him

There’s no turning back, there’s no backsliding/ I’ve burnt the bridge to the land of sin and cut the strings that held me in

This is a disclaimer! Don’t get it mixed up/ I forever renounce life at the bottom cos I’m sited with Christ at the top

Goodbye world, I have no business with you anymore/ My contract with you has been annulled since Light kicked darkness out the door

I now claim ownership of my mind, my body and my spirit/ But they’re not mine anyways, cos I gave it to Christ and only him can keep it.


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