“I Met an Angel in Person”

For those of you who haven’t heard, THE BLACK PANTHER LIVES!!! Don’t mind me (but you better though), I’m just pumped about the new Marvel Super Hero movie; “Black Panther“, long before it was released, we’ve been getting ready to see it and TODAY I finally did. It beat the hype, it was crazy, humor, story, action, culture, just name it, it was all part of it. The journey to Wakanda was a worthwhile one.


By the way, disclaimer, this is not a movie review, it’s just an observation of beautiful things I’ve come across recently, “Black Panther” being at the top of the list.

As if seeing “Black Panther” wasn’t enough to make my day (& I dare say my week in fact), on the bus home, I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but I sat beside an Angel.

Usually in these type of buses, the radio is really loud and the music is most likely often crappy, but not today, no! Today nothing was playing from the radio, nothing. But instead of the usual noisy and annoying music, there was a sweet, heavenly, angelic melody coming from the lady beside me. You know how you reposition yourself and incline your ear to hear a beautiful sound? (Well even if you don’t know,) That’s what I did, and after a number of songs, I couldn’t help but complement the source, this source which had further stretched the awesomeness rating of my day.

This one time she sang “Perfect” the remix by Ed Sheeran featuring Beyonce. One of my best lines in the song goes “I met an Angel in person, And she looks perfect…” then it turns out that this lady with the sweet voice is actually named “Angel”, coincidence? I think not. Well at the end, just to enjoy a little bit more of her melody, I passed my bus stop (intentionally), took care of her bus fare and still had to walk some distance back home. All the while doing this with a bumper sticker kind of smile on my face, jolly and pumped. I was just happy, I’d been basking in beauty all day long.

This all reminds me of a movie I saw last week, during a film show on Valentine’s Day, titled “Miracles From Heaven“, and the lady Christy Beam (in the movie) shared something she learnt (& I paraphrase)

“There are two ways of living, the first is as if nothing is a miracle and the other is as if EVERYTHING is a miracle.”

I’d honestly prefer living as if everything is a miracle. It opens us up to awesomeness and the beauty that’s all around. As the lady (Christy Beam) said, if we look well, we’ll see miracles in everything that happens around us, in the people we meet and in our day to day activities.

Miracles From Heaven

So today, amongst all the other beautiful things that happened to me, I met an Angel in person and she looked PERFECT!

Open Your Eyes, Take in the Beauty that is littered ALL around You, and Live Life as if EVERYTHING is a Miracle. ‘Cos at the end, it really is.

2 thoughts on ““I Met an Angel in Person”

  1. Oh…this is nice. Nice


    1. Thank You so much. And thanks for taking the time.
      If I may ask, why do you think you enjoyed reading the post and what part touched you the most?


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