“The Danger of Shooting.”

On Tuesday (the 20th of February), I went to see a football match with my friend. The clash was between two giants, one from the English Premier league and the other from the Spanish league (La Liga), they were Chelsea & Barcelona respectively. It’s worthy of note that for as long as I can remember, I’ve supported Barcelona Fc, so I guess you could call me a fan.

During the match, as was expected, Barcelona had possession (of the ball) most times, but I didn’t like the way the match was going, as Chelsea were taking every chance that came their way. However, a certain player, “Willian” was particularly exceptional. During the first half, he fired a shot on goal which beat the keeper but hit the bar (on the right), not too long afterwards, the same thing happened at the other side of Barcelona’s goal post by the hands (or more like legs) of the same man.

And... He Shoots Again!That was when I became uncomfortable, because I began to sense some principles of life at play here. And I shared it with my friend. First off, these shots were no random trials, they were properly taken and accurate and only missed finding the net by a hair’s breath. The player in question was determined and persistent and that was dangerous for my team.

As my dad often said when we watched football matches together; “The more shots you take, the more your chances of scoring increase.”

I can paraphrase it (to help you) by saying;

“The More attempts You make, the better Your chances of winning.”

I told my friend that if Willian was to get the ball again in that manner, that he would definitely convert the chance. And so it happened in the second half, he took the shot like he’d done the other two times and scored a much needed goal for his side.

He was PERSISTENTLY being ACCURATE and therefore eventually OVERCAME.

Here’s a wise saying to aid digestion;

“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.”James N. Watkins

It truly doesn’t matter what life has been throwing at you, it really doesn’t matter if the odds are stacked against you (like Chelsea playing a much better side *wink*), It also doesn’t matter how many times you’ve “failed”. What matters is that: YOU DECIDE TO NEVER GIVE UP!!!

No matter the resistance, ANY DOOR will eventually come down with the right amount of TENACITY & CONSISTENCY.

Don’t give up after a few shots (or attempts), I know it seems difficult, but the Joy of winning trumps the pain of striving. Your victory is only some shots away. KEEP SHOOTING!

You will eventually hit your target and it would only get better from there.

(By the way, apparently my team also understands this principle, so “we” found a way to push back as well and draw the game before it could end)

Put this in your pocket;

“THE DANGER OF SHOOTING is that You run the “risk” of WINNING.”





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