It was a school day like any other and Ebube and his two sisters were on their way back from school, they took a taxi home as they were known to do every single day. Ebube was the youngest (& might I add the cutest), Tara was the next, older by a little over a year. Their “big sister” Onyi was the “Oga”, she had the reigns of the chariot and determined where they went. She was the leader of the pack and the others played their roles well.

So back to this school day, the one like any other one. Their transport fare per person was always N30 (thirty naira), so Onyi brought out N100 to take care of the fare. Ebube was sitting right behind the driver and Tara was next to him, Onyi as the eldest was the one who manned the door. As she gave the driver the N100 bill she alighted so the rest could too, and as they did she came forward to receive their cherished N10 change, because come rain or sunshine they would submit it at home. As she made movement towards the front to get the change, the next thing she knew, she saw the taxi driving off and with it the hopes of getting back her N10.


She was torn, shocked, confused and utterly infuriated. Young Onyi had been taught by Dad that cursing was not good, that children of God were never to insult others or use disdainful words, but as the temper bar was rising in that split moment where she stood, she had to say something, otherwise she might have burst. So she ran a few inches forward, pointed towards the car and with everything within her screamed these words, that would be remembered for as long as she lived;


Ebube just stood watching, wondering what the matter was, and what this driver had done to make his sister mad, little did he know that the reason for the ruckus was the N10 bill in his tiny palm. For as they made their way out of the cab, the driver gave Ebube the change, but unfortunately, Judge Onyi did not see or know what had happened, until after she had pronounced judgement on the poor innocent driver.

A Lesson Or Two


Leaders (that is YOU, incase you were wondering) should NEVER assume, as they don’t have the luxury of doing so. Facts must be sought, truth must be gotten, and assumptions must be cast far away into the sea.

I’m sure some of you must have had bad experiences in relationship, career, business, and so on, as a result of assuming what (you thought) was or was not. So going forward, let’s make a note to confirm what we think before we act on it okay?


Speaking with people in your life, like friends, family, people you work with and the likes, can save you a whole lot of stress. There are things people know that may take you so much time and effort getting to find out on your own (& vice versa).

(Lesson for me especially), Learn to Share, even if you think there’s no need to. You never know what might come out of proper communication.

At least for one, I know that with proper communication, You will Always have CHANGE (whether it’s N10 change or a change in your Life).

4 thoughts on ““GOD WILL JUDGE YOU!”

  1. LMAO!!!This is so fresh in my memory like a memory card!!Thanks Eb for the flashback…and of course the lessons too!


    1. You’re most welcome sister!


  2. Lol. Nice. This Onyi sounds like a super solid human 😉


    1. Hehe, she surely is oh.


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