“If You want to be successful, You have to be willing to disappear for a while.”- Unknown

In this “life on the fast lane” times, it’s hard to find people who aren’t hung up on the spotlight. Who aren’t crazy about being seen and recognized, who don’t crave attention everyday.

Many times in order to find yourself, you must truly disappear.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t like being seen, but many times I have to remind myself that what is truly important is not BEING SEEN, but MAKING IMPACT!

  • There are Four Categories of people when it comes to making impact;

1. The Ones who JUST WANT TO BE SEEN.

2. The Ones who want TO BE SEEN MAKING IMPACT.

3. The Ones who want to MAKE IMPACT ONLY TO BE SEEN. And


Many times, in the place of preparation, no one notices you, no one commends you, no one even refers to you, but sometimes that’s where you need to be. At a stage in your life, you don’t need to be seen, people don’t need to know what you’re working on, they don’t need to know how much work you put in, they don’t need to know what you earn, they don’t need to know how much you’ve saved/ invested, they don’t need to know about your relationships, you just need to be in STEALTH MODE!

Don’t take the time and effort you should have put into investing in yourself and spend it on trying to be seen or noticed.

The notable Athletes we know today put in much work BEHIND THE SCENES. Imagine training for over FOUR years for a race of just about 10 seconds. To the average mind, it’s ridiculous, but GREAT men were made not on the stage but in training.

Shadows… Spotlight…

If your orientation is to broadcast every little thing you do, chances are that Greatness will elude you.

Some of you right now may be remembering many notable names that are very loud with their achievements (especially on Social Media), but NEWS FLASH! They were in the shadows for a good while before stardom, ever before the spotlight found them, they were busy, invested in their endeavor and that is why they were propelled to the elevated point You see them now.

Shun the things that seek to distract you now, I know they’re many (trust me, I can relate), but these are the things that won’t let you be awesome.

“The time for SOWING is not the Time for calling friends and throwing parties. It’s a time of isolation, hard work and investment.”

If you spend your planting season partying, your desired harvest will ALWAYS be beyond your reach.

Decide voluntarily to go into STEALTH MODE now during your sowing season so that during harvest season You will not be in Stealth mode…

On Your Mark… Get Ready… GO!!!

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