“Time Will Tell”

As the month comes to an end, it reawakens me to the fact that no matter what, Time is the greatest revealer, it reveals the truth of what a thing/person is. One can only pretend for so long, one can only put up an act for so long, TIME will tell the World what that person/ thing truly is… Just wait for it.

Case Study:

Lebron James, who I dare say is the greatest basketballer EVER to walk this earth, one of the most consistent considering the years he’s been in the game, is yet one of the most controversially underrated and unappreciated. Why?

Lebron James, the Greatest.
He’s called “The King” for a reason.

He keeps beating records and achieving feats that people didn’t even think were possible. The newest record he set (in picture above yesterday is one of the most notable in his career, but yet, many will not give him the honor due him, why?

I think it all boils down to a Curse, I read about this curse just today in a prolific post that talked about “The Curse of Consistency“, and my! Was so there so much truth to be realized:

1) Be Consistent: The Key to becoming AWESOMELY LEGENDARY is to be CONSISTENT at WHATEVER You do. You might not be the most talented, you might not be the most poised to succeed in that area, you might not even be so good at it (at first), but just stick to it… And watch as

“Consistency makes a superhero out of a normal man.”

2) In Being Consistent, People will get used to You being exceptional… Be CONSISTENT anyways. It doesn’t matter that you’re undervalued, it doesn’t matter that you’re the most criticised, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that TIME WILL TELL! The facts speak for themselves, and History will defend you. Do it for Your Legacy. In a very recent post I talked about how not being seen can help you focus on becoming as great as you were made to be.

3) FACTS will Trump Sentiments… Eventually!

History remembers, the records speak, when the chips are down and the books are opened, what you did will be apparent whether anyone likes it or not. Like in Lebron’s case, NOT BASED on SENTIMENTS, but purely BASED ON FACTS, one can easily see that He’s gotten to heights NO ONE ELSE in his sports has attained, isn’t that what being the greatest is all about?

“If You like Hate the Player. If you like Hate the Game. Bottom line is that, the facts stay the Same.”

Lebron James Record
More than Just An Athlete.
Just like haters ain’t got nothing on “The King’s” record, so also people can’t stop you from becoming awesome in Whatever you do. As long as You remain DEDICATED, CONSISTENT & UNCONCERNED about public (& biased) opinions, THE FACTS WILL SPEAK FOR YOU.

It now boils down to you to CHOOSE the Story Time will Tell of you, because Time doesn’t alter, it amplifies. Whatever You’re doing now will become manifest not too long from now, so make sure that what you’re doing NOW is what you’ll like to leave as YOUR LEGACY, ‘cos whether you like it or not, TIME WILL TELL on YOU!



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