Talk is cheap you know, most of us got big talk game, but little or no “real game”. Real game is when you can put your money where mouth is. When you can speak and your words go with action, that’s when you got “real game.”

It is easier to “tell” than to SHOW, but more effective to SHOW than to TELL… I’ve found out that many times we’re stuck talking and preaching about our dreams, plans, visions and principles, and the listeners are in turn stuck listening to us and interpreting it however they are inclined to. Tell a man a story and he might either forget or misunderstand it, show him the same story however and the story becomes unforgettable.

It is high time we start preaching our lives by actually LIVING it and not merely discussing it.

People are tired of hearing us talk and talk about our dreams and rarely have anything to show for it.

Just imagine if this guy…

Was only remembered for saying “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” and no stinging moments to go with it? He would have been easily forgotten.

I have listed 7 ABLES You will Become when You start SHOWING…

When your words are a reflection of your actions, you become


2. You become REPUTABLE & of course

3. You become DEPENDABLE!

4. Don’t forget HONORABLE,




Walk tall knowing that truly you’re ABLE and that Anyone can take your words to the bank, because You don’t just TELL…


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