“The Scorpion Sting”

The other day I was thinking about the dangers of some things. For instance, Fire, Electricity, Flood, Mountains etc, are all dangerous to the end that they can end someone’s life based on that person’s encounter with it.

Here’s the thing, whether you’re joking, or you’re serious, these tough guys don’t care, no one sends Fire a memo to say: “Hey, I’m not seriously using you now, I’m only joking around”, or say likewise to Electricity. They don’t care and matter of factly, they can’t even care even if they wanted to.

Here’s the point, short and simple; FIRE IS FIRE, whether you’re playing with it or you’re using it seriously it will do what it knows to do; BURN! Same applies with the other examples, they’re consistent in being who (or more accurately put; what) they are.

This raises a funny thought, if animate things stay consistent with their nature irrespective of the situation, how much more WE, who claim to be “higher beings”, “rational”, “At the top of the food chain”, and things like that?

Ask yourself how CONSISTENT your Character is in the face of different situations. Ask yourself how CONSISTENT your behavior is in diverse conditions/ circumstances.

Take a moment, think…What did you come up with? My guess is that most of us, our Character/ Behavior/ Response/ would vary with situation and this makes us (in a way), not be consistent.

I know, I know, that we’re not robots, I’m not saying you should no more weigh the situation and consider the best possible reaction. All I’m saying is that;


I’ve once heard it said asked that “If your character meets your reputation in the dark, would they recognize each other?” Consistency is one attribute that will make YOU stand out as a person, because embedded into man is the element of ‘free will’, therefore, man struggles with staying true to who he was originally made to be.

In defining CONSISTENCY therefore, I’ll say “Consistency is discovering who you are, what you’re made for, and what you’re meant to be doing and also staying true to it, the circumstances notwithstanding.”

So, it’s time to answer the hard questions: Are You like FIRE: Consistent to Your Nature? Are You like Water: Staying true to Your Making? Or Are You like the average human, TOSSED & TURNED by every changing situation?

Search Yourself NOW!

Discover who You were MADE to BE!!


Finally, I’ll leave you with this story.

There was a certain man called “Mr C”. So Mr C saw a scorpion drowning and went to help. As he tried to help save the scorpion from drowning, it stung him. Crying for help again, Mr C tried once more to save the drowning scorpion, and once again it stung him. This happened over and over until someone who’d been observing said to Him: “Why do you keep trying to save this scorpion, haven’t you seen that it will keep stinging you?”. To this, Mr C responded; “It is in the nature of the scorpion to sting, it is in my nature to try and save him”.


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