“The Golden Silence”

I have been pondering on the virtue of silence, what it means and what it can help one achieve.

Sometime last week (I think), I saw a movie titled “Acts of Vengeance” with lead actor as my desperado brother: “Antonio Banderas“. In this movie, Banderas’ daughter and Wife were murdered and to find out who did this and ensure “Justice” is served. He took a vow of silence. This silence was inspired by the Stoics who usually put off their speaking abilities with the aim of giving better attention in order to to achieve a particular task.

What happened was that, his (other) senses got heightened, and he became like this incredibly smart, perceptive and strong person.

SILENCE IS GOLDEN. And there are lots of things that Gold can buy.

Here’s one for your eyes;

“There’s so much beauty in Speaking without actually Speaking”

Let me Share 3 mind blowing things about Silence.

Before that, I think it’ll be nice to explain the context of Silence here:

Silence… The process of speaking less and listening more. The state in which you lessen the noise around you (Social Media, extra social activities, Tv etc) and try to take in more of the LIFE around. (I doubt if that simplifies it though, but well…)

Here are those Golden traits of SILENCE:-

1. Silence helps YOU FOCUS. Like it or not, accept it or not (yes I’m autocratic like that), You focus better when you’re not too busy yapping about everything that comes to your mind. You quieten the distractions and put more energy into what you have to do. Most definitely talking and reacting takes (physical and mental) energy to do, so imagine what you could achieve sometimes if you decide to save some of that energy.

2. Silence helps YOU LEARN. When you employ the virtue of Silence, you take in more. You see more, you hear more, you feel more. Your senses are very SENSITIVE, and these are the greatest tools of LEARNING. When you’re not too busy boring everyone with what you (think you) know, you will hear more about what others know and thus learn more Yourself (Ebube, take note)

3. Silence helps YOU THINK. When you’re in the state explained in the last point (where you see, hear and feel more), your thought processes are heightened. You think more clearly because the facts are better collated, your mind-space is clear and your thinking PRONOUNCED. Pronounced because it’s easier to work/ read on a table that’s mega organized than one that isn’t. SILENCE promotes ORGANIZATION, and ORGANIZATION propels PRODUCTIVITY. So if you break it down, what you’ll be left with is;


If none of these things interest you then you can give SILENCE a sack letter. But if even one of them seems attractive to you, then I guess you’ve got a new employee that you need to PUT TO WORK.

In a world where many things constantly demand your attention, where time for productive ventures are less and less, while time for frivolities dominate the day, in that world, one of your most prized assets should be SILENCE.


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