“Letter To Abba”

  • No 9 Addiction Street,
  • Off Holiness Avenue,
  • Guilty State.
  • 9th March, 2018.

Dear Abba,


I am fighting an addiction. I am fighting a bad habit. I thought I’d passed it but I can see it reoccurring.

It so happened that I overshot my capacity, and overestimated my ability. I’m fighting an addiction, I’m fighting a bad habit.

It didn’t appear overnight, it didn’t “suddenly develop”, I saw the signs, I heard the bells, I didn’t stop though, I kept going, until the thought was conceived and it was nurtured, then delivered.

I nurtured it until it started killing me, I wanted to stop, I needed to quit, but it already knew my name, and almost anytime it called, I answered. Almost anytime it visited, I opened the door, almost anytime it came around, I gave in.

Yahweh, this is the case, I’m tired. I want to stop, I need to quit. I don’t even know why I’m explaining all this, I mean, you actually already know what’s up, but I guess my heart still needs to let it out.

I really don’t even know who to talk to, I don’t know where to go again, Have I prayed? YES! Have I read scriptures on it? Oh YES!! What else is there to do?

  • What should I do?
  • When should I do it?
  • How can I do it? 

Abba… Help… Please…

Yours Sincerely,

“Feeble Man”

{Continued in Next Post}

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