I’ve made mistakes

Mistakes that seemed to make me

To make me become what I was not

I was not timid, I was never shy

I was never shy, nor afraid to try

To try out my new ideas

New ideas and Dreams

Dreams that were so real

So real Others saw

Others saw My Plight

My Plight To Succeed

To Succeed, I’ve made mistakes

Mistakes that seemed to make me.

This poem above (which by the way is from my upcoming book “We All Need Healing“) speaks of Mistakes and how grave they are. Here’s a picture…

It’s a hot day, you’re at home watching TV and your favorite program is on, you have a cold cup of milk (or whatever drink you like) and the air conditioner helping your temperature, and of course, you wish the moment will never end. All of a sudden, you spill the milk, and that’s on the new carpet you just got. Chances are that, (if you’re anything like me,) you will be sorely vexed.

At that moment, the last minute flashes through your mind and fifty possible alternative outcomes to go with it. At that moment, all you can think about is how that if you had just been a little more careful, if you had just watched your self well enough, right now you’ll still have your cold cup of milk in your hand.
It’s very very tempting to continue thinking about how you could have prevented the spill but the fact is, has always been and will always be that;


That doesn’t mean that you can’t spend “a moment of silence” for the spilt milk (or mistakes made), but let it remain just a moment, because anything other than that will be a bigger mistake than the one already made.

Cos one of the biggest mistakes people make in life is over-mourning their mistakes.
Instead, when mistake occurs, remember first that YOU ARE NOT Your mistakes, you are not your errors, you are what you constantly and repeatedly do. So don’t let the mistake keep you down. Remember how the scripture says;

For a righteous man may fall seven times And rise again… (Proverbs 24:16a NKJV)

It doesn’t matter how many times, what actually matters is how many times you’re willing to get right back up and keep moving, bearing in mind that you’re not your mistakes but your deliberate, conscious, consistent and repeated actions.

So try and see to it that the milk stays up and unspilt, but if you slip and it spills…




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