​”The Curse Of Perfection”

“It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. And when you bring that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs.”
Jillian Michabe.

I’ve met a lot of people who take pride in being (called) “Perfectionists”. It’s often seems like a Medal of Honour, a Crown or an achievement of some kind. I’m sure you as well would have had people around you go on about how they are perfectionists in what they do (very detailed and meticulous to a fault), and there are TWO ways you might have responded to this;
Either You absolutely Love them and are inspired/challenged by them? OR You loathe them and their idea of perfection.

Whatever category you fall into, I’d like you to first of all know that I AM NOT AGAINST PERFECTION! I do not despise perfection or the search of it, no I don’t.
However, if we are not careful to observe the implications of our desires, it might mold us into men whom we aren’t able to identify. Complicated?

Simple, if we don’t observe how our aspirations affect our character, we might soon lose sight of who we are (meant to be).
Perfection is beautiful, it is admirable and worthy of praise. People see perfection as “Faultless” and to a large extent that’s basically what it is. But in human application, Perfection cannot mean “Faultless” for it did, then we would not have the luxury of attributing that virtue to ANY single human/entity on earth.

Being faultless is an illusion, a supernatural ability which we can only attribute to GOD himself.
But hold on just a moment, that is no license to go your way thinking “Yay, we can’t be perfect as humans, so why try at all?”. That’d actually not be so wise. Rather, we should see Perfection as CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT, a Forward Movement, an Efficient Approach to Life. It is becoming the BEST version of ourselves we could possibly be and competing ONLY with the man we were and no one else.

The Curse of Perfection manifests in so many ways, but we would only look at ONE major one: PROCRASTINATION. As ironic as it may seem, this is a major offshoot of Perfection.

It simply occurs when people put off things they could do because of their “need” to make/do it better.

Notice, the phrase “Put off” is very much there, and we know that that is what is the basic element of Procrastination. The act of “Putting off” due to one reason or the other.

I’m not saying that there are no legitimate reasons for putting off (or “rescheduling” if that makes you feel better) things you should do, sometimes there are. But the problem with this is its potential to be taken to the extreme. Once you’ve accepted the legitimacy of putting off work, whether for good/bad reasons, its easy to apply it to almost anything.

Hence, the danger in the so called “Perfection”.

A lot of books are yet to be written, a lot of movies done, a lot of companies yet to be formed, a lot of journeys gone, a lot of words are yet to be said, a lot of visions born… All because people are in a life long race, racing for perfection but hardly ever meeting it.
If you don’t realize early enough that PERFECT is what we become by every attempt we make, every move we initiate and even every failure encountered, You may NEVER actualise your GOALS or become the GOLD the World needs you to be.

The message today is simple: Do you have something you NEED to do?

Then take a cue from Nike and ” JUST DO IT.”

Stop waiting for EVERY single Eyes to be cleaned and Teas brewed. Sorry, I think the way that goes is I’s dotted and T’s crossed. Yeah, stop waiting for that, put in your best and just like in the movie “Frozen”


Allow what you’ve conceived be released to others, allow your self be expressed to the world. Stop being held back by ANY CURSE, take action today. The World NEEDS YOU!


This is in NO way an encouragement for MEDIOCRITY, and any words or examples implying that are totally coincidental and should not be regarded as such. This is not a promotion to lead AVERAGE lives, but rather to EXCEL IN DOING, because at the end of the day…



This is actually in fact ONE of the major causes of Procrastination. In fact, I’d like to do an intensive series on THE CAUSES OF PROCRASTINATION but ONLY if I get feedbacks (in the comment section below) that someone really needs them.

So do you (or someone you know) need to get rid of some CURSES that won’t just let you be awesome? I can totally relate, and in my own little way, help out. So leave a comment below and you could also give a tip that might help someone today.

2 thoughts on “​”The Curse Of Perfection”

  1. Obianujuamara March 23, 2018 — 02:53

    Procrastination really won’t let me be awesome 😩 so I’m definitely looking forward to the series on the causes of procrastination.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ebubeaguquotes March 23, 2018 — 06:16

      I can totally relate. Note taken.


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