There’s this mindset that’s overcome me. There’s the WELL-ABLE thought pattern that has “plagued” me.

It’s not about the FACTS anymore, it’s about the TRUTH! I recall in Numbers 13 when God had given the children of Israel their land for the taking and they went to spy it. The spies came back with glorious reports of how fruitful the land was and how wonderful everything about it was. But guess what, they now gave their analysis and talked about giants, walls, fortified places & how they couldn’t take possession of the land. After seeing the Blessings, they proclaimed that it was impossible for them to get it.


There were giants: FACT!

There were Walls: FACT!

The City was Fortified: FACT!


Taking all this into consideration, Caleb, a man full of faith said;

“…Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.” Numbers 13:30 KJV

We need to employ, re-employ and embody the WELL-ABLE mindset.

“Don’t stop at observing the Facts, Go on to Proclaim the TRUTH”.

– Have you seen what you can become in your Academics and the challenges with it?

– Have you received those business ideas and seen the mountains in front?

– Have you heard of what you can be (in God) but your environment says otherwise?

P A U S E !

R E M E M B E R ! !

P R O C L A I M ! ! !


Be grateful to God who ALWAYS makes us Triumph IN EVERY PLACE! It’s not an option, it’s who we are!


God is True Over all I see!

I Am Well ABLE!

I Possess My Territories!

I Overcome My Mountains!

I Triumph in Every Place!

Yes, I Triumph!!!!!!!!!

(See Romans 3:4)

Grace & Peace!

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