Where’s Your Ginger?

What Makes You Move?

In every action there is ONE constant; “Decision”!

Also a present variable at times are “Feelings”

This means that in every action, DECISION is mandatorily present, but sometimes one can also find “the feeling to do it” there.

Check it: You’ve done some things you felt like doing but you’ve also done many other things you didn’t feel like.

Quick stat- How many times did you feel like bathing, brushing, going to work, paying your rent and so on? How many of these things did you end up doing?

“Feeling like doing it” never made anyone do it, Deciding to do it is what does the trick, don’t be deceived by feelings, they are FLEETING: GET UP, DECIDE and JUST DO IT!

I’m not gonna go all Nike on you today, but the truth remains that whatever you leave will be so until something happens.

Was it not Newton’s First Law of Motion that says;

Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.” Sir Isaac Newton

In simple terms;


So, the question we should all answer at the end of the day is: What Makes Us Move?

What makes you do the things you find yourself doing? What spurs you on?

If any of the answers above is “Feelings” then ‘Houston we have a problem!’ Why?

Well, simply because feelings cannot fuel the whole ride, it might sometimes get the car up and moving (sometimes), but it cannot keep it moving all the way. The sooner we realize that whether we feel like it or not, there are things that should be done, that’s when we become serious about succeeding in life.

Don’t EVER give up on Your Vision, Relationships, Jobs, Projects etc, because the feeling you began it with is no more there, feelings as is often said are FLEETING.

You just gotta do what you just gotta do, irrespective of how you feel. Why?

Your future will NOT ask how you felt about it, it will ask what you DID about it.

The world will NOT ask how you felt about the whole situation, but what you DID about it?

Feelings are not constant in any way, they’re not stable enough to be relied upon. So you gotta pinch yourself sometimes (maybe not literally though), and decide to DECIDE to do whatever it is You HAVE to do, the other alternative would be to live a very mediocre and uneventful life.

It’s high time You recognize that

“The things you do are not the things you simply FEEL like doing, they are the things you DECIDE to do.”

So stop waiting for those feelings to “come upon you” and Ginger you to action, become Your own GINGER and take charge of Your Life!


Ginger– To ‘Stimulate or Enliven’

Why are You still Here?

Go & GINGER Your way into Success.

Grace & Peace.

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