“I Am a Fool”

One of the people that have really inspired my poetry journey is a man called Tolu Akinyemi. I started seeing poetry from a new light when I started reading his pieces.

I believe that as much as poetry should be artistic and somewhat structured, it should be natural and truthful. I for one, don’t like using words in my poetry, that I don’t normally use in my day to day activities. I believe that if it’s truthful and from the heart, it will flow and touch someone in YOUR own words. This does not mean that we can’t use fancy and “poetically inclined” words, but let’s let it flow from within. Let it be YOU.

“‘Tolu Akinyemi’ also known as ‘Poetolu’ is an Architect, Writer, Entrepreneur, and a passionate Creativist. He was born in Akure, the sleepy capital city of Ondo State, Nigeria. He studied at the Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria, and then at the University of Greenwich, London.”- poetolu.com

He has written a number of books, like “Your Father walks like a crab“, “I laugh at these skinny girls” and “Funny men cannot be trusted“.

I’m sure you can see how unique even the titles of the books are. So I Celebrate him today and always for showing people like us that all we need to write is a Heart and a Pen.

From his first book “Your Father Walks like a crab” is one of the poems that I Love so much… Enjoy!

I Am A Fool

I am a fool
I stupidly believe
Before I have seen.

I am a fool
I have faith in a big book
By men who knew no school.

I am a fool
I believe iron floats
And animals can speak.

I am a fool
I believe the skies rained flames
And the sun stood still.

I am a fool
I believe screams and songs
Made a thick wall fall.

I am a fool
I believe water turned wine
And two fishes made a feast.

I am a fool
I believe rods eat snakes
And words raise the dead.

I am a fool
But I know another fool
Who says there is no God.

“…I stupidly believe before I have seen.”- Poetolu

And this is what FAITH is. Many of us need to become fools in order to achieve some crazy goals we have. Pay no mind to all the ‘sane’ ones, they’ll come around.

You can catch “my man” on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter (as @poetolu)

From one ‘fool’ to another, I appreciate you sir for blazing the trail, and being part of the reason why ‘We All Need Healingwas birthed. (Please help me tell him if you see him)

Grace & Peace.

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