About two years ago I finished my first degree program in the University and in my church, we had our final year service, and we did a rap song, (you know me and my love for poetry), the title of the song was “The Whole Truth” and we thought to just say it as it is.

As it’s still my 25th birthday season, I thought to share “the whole truth” with us.


Listen, 1993 was the year I was born/ Sunday, March the 28th before the rice was done

Mama told me I was cute, fat but not ugly/ And every type of food they brought around was all for me

So you see I ate a lot cos I loved a lot/ I wanted a lot and I got a lot

I saw life as my station I became a player/ Was all about them sisters you could call me Lady slayer

I went about looking for what to do and where to go/ Like every other Tom, Dick & Harry I wanted to blow

I wanted to show the world that I could do it/ Wanted to prove to my pops that I could be it

The man he always wanted me to be/ But was wrapped in so much fog I couldn’t see

The Prince of this world had blinded my eyes/ So most of what I knew then was just plain lies


This is…

The Whole Truth, nothing but it

The Whole Truth, nothing but it

The Whole Truth, nothing but it

Ehhh, all Facts No Fiction!


So now I met with the Life, the way and the truth/ The Holy Ghost rooted in me: Wisdom tooth

Fast forward, Several years down the line this is the me you know/ Best believe it took some spiritual workout for me to grow

I worship,eat word & I pray, that’s my exercise/ Maintaining the way of the lord so I don’t compromise

I’m not here telling you today that I am perfect/ Amidst all my flaws Christ said I am worth it

When the world spotted me and called me a cheetah/ He came and died in my place, made me a believer

Now the single ladies Misdirection, misplacement, misunderstanding/ Have all left me for good, now in Jesus I’m standing

Now I’m never going back to the way it used to be/ Before His presence came and changed me and made me free

This is a call to you my brothers and sisters out here/ Let your Life reflect God, make it LOUD AND CLEAR!


This is…

The Whole Truth, nothing but it

The Whole Truth, nothing but it

The Whole Truth, nothing but it

Ehhh, all Facts No Fiction!

This is the Whole Truth people, let’s loud it, Christ is THE WAY, THE TRUTH & THE LIFE!!!

Grace & Peace!

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