I should probably start speaking out more!

This statement might come across as somewhat strange to people that know me but is however true. I find it hard to speak up and well at certain situations that actually require me to.

People see me and think, “Eh, he doesn’t have a problem speaking, he’s not shy, he’s outspoken” etc etc, but they don’t know, they don’t know what I have to deal with everyday, they don’t know what I have to do every time I need to speak, they don’t know.

I’m basically the only one that knows, a lot of people might be like me though. People that are somehow extro-introverted. When people take one look at you, they think eh he’s an extrovert or something like that, but then YOU don’t think you completely are, do I have a witness?

But I digress, I’m talking about speaking up at appropriate times. Sometimes it’s like there’s an internal conflict going on inside, sometimes I don’t speak and might seem a little withdrawn (not moody oh, just a tad more somber than the usual me) and then people think something is wrong, other times I can go on yapping and yapping until I bore a soul out.

I NEED to start speaking my truth in ANY & EVERY condition, to open my mouth and not be too self conscious, to pay no mind to the nagging fear of flopping or sounding stupid, but to rather understand that my truth (whether in words or action) is needed as my own contribution to the world.

“Speak Your Mind… Even If Your Voice Shakes.”- Maggie Kuhn

So yes we can go and learn how to speak fluently, act boldly & communicate effectively, but while we are yet getting better in the art of elocution & communication it is more important to imbibe the habit of Speaking our truth, no matter how we sound.



Grace & Peace!

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