I’ve found that a lot of people take life “as it comes” “roll with flow” or just live hoping that things will get better.

By these I mean a lot of people live passively, allowing life to happen to them over and over again.

From all my years of playing basketball, besides injuries, I’ve picked up a thing or two, lessons if you please, valuable life lessons that I’d like to share with you.

In basketball when your opponent is with the ball he’s called the “Offense” and you the “Defence”. A “drive” in basketball is when a player tries to make his way towards the rim most times ending with a lay-up (a legitimate move where the player counts two steps before releasing the ball).

Now life is always taking drives at us, trying to slam dunk on your parade, lay up on your situation and score you again and again. So, what can you do?

When challenges in life take a “drive” at you, there are FOUR things you can do;


Taking a charge is to stand firm (in defense) when a player is coming towards you and when he hits you it’s a foul against him.

Taking the charge in life means that not everything is to be dodged or maneuvered, some things are meant to hit you, and those hits are what you need. Some trials come to teach you, and those lessons make you better. Don’t always be bitter when challenges come at you.

Take a Stand, Take the Charge & GET UP!

2.Commit a FOUL.

When you commit a (defensive) foul in basketball, it means you somehow had illegal contact with your opponent.

Many times in life we choose this route, we say the end justifies the means, but how true is that? It always seems easier to commit a foul, look for the shortcut, the easy way around things, but that kind of lifestyle is not sustainable nor would it really take you far or make you TRULY Successful.

When next you’re faced with a challenge, you might want to think twice before choosing to go down the “foul” lane, cos even in basketball, 5 strikes and you’re out.


3.Stand by & DO NOTHING…

This third option I believe, is self explanatory.

You see an attack coming and you being on the court is as good as being on the bench, cos you did nothing to stop the attack you did nothing to challenge or avert it, you just let it happen, watching to see what will happen and somehow hoping that the outcome favors you.

This is a gambling lifestyle, and I for one I’m not inclined to leave my life to “fate”

4.Make a STEAL.

A steal in basketball is when you somehow legally dispossess the holder of the ball without violating the rules. This can be done while the person is still dribbling or even in the air when the ball has been released and you BLOCK it from getting to the basket.

This is Strategy. Being strategic in life means you have to observe the situation and choose how (& when) best to react.

It means being proactive and possibly reactive as well, but most importantly you’re ACTIVE & alert, watching to discern what to do it and how best to go about it

The Steal is up to you.

So, in summary, as to how we can react when faced with life’s problems…

The first implies taking control of the situation and facing it head on, while the second looks for a cheap way out and tries to intervene with the wrong methods. The third option is to be passive, watch, do nothing and hop for the best, while the last is based on strategy and careful observation to know how to make the situation turn around for your good instead.


The first option, although being admirable usually comes with a HIT, only after the “hit” can one be said to have “taken a charge” (or more relevantly TAKEN CHARGE)

So no matter how you choose to react to life when it comes at you, make sure the scoreboard is in your favour when you’re done. Make sure you don’t give in but rather take charge.

The Ball is in your court!

Take Charge today!!

Get Up & PLAY!!!

Grace & Peace.

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