“Critical Steps”

If you can take a complement but not a criticism then you are positioning yourself for failure.

“The trouble with most of us is that we’d rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.”

– Norman Vincent Peale

Hope you got that? It’s simple, you like it when people say good things about you, you like it when you’re applauded and praised, when those awesome qualities you have are lauded, it tickles your core, but one mention of something “negative” and you become bitter.

The moment you’re rebuked, chastised, advised sternly or anything of the sorts you recline and become defensive, my dear, failure is calling out to you.

If you cannot be corrected, then you will become a failure. We need to learn how to take complements as well as criticisms in Good Faith, don’t let them pull you down but instead every word spoken to (/about) You should be used as a step upon which you’ll climb, and get better and better.

Get over yourself and listen, stop thinking everyone is “hating” and everyone just wants to attack you, some people actually want to help you get better. Take corrections as stepping stones and not stumbling blocks, and rise higher and get better with each one of them.

Even if you think the source from where it’s coming doesn’t exactly mean well for you, still weigh the truth of the statement and decide whether to accept or reject it and how to apply what you need to apply to make you who you need to be.

Be like this (Superwoman above), step on the grounds of criticism knowing that it’s only making you better than you ever were.

Grace & Peace.

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