Yo, I’m calling y’all from the land of reality, calling Utopia, calling Utopia, calling YOU TO reality.

On behalf of the Republic of Reality, I Ambassador Ebube Agu with very remarkable accolades bring you this important information;


This is not to throw “shade” on you people of Utopia (that are always hung up on dreaming and fantasizing as opposed to doing), but it’s actually a wake up call to know that your dreams really start to count when it gets a Visa to our great republic of Reality.

All you’ve ever done should lead you to the point where you desire to relocate to our republic, yes Utopia is a great place to start, that place where you paint the world you desire in your mind, it’s lovely, and as a matter of fact, godly, but if you stay stuck there, you won’t get a global reach.

You’re hereby advised to visit the nearest embassy of reality and apply for Visa & Nationality in the Republic of Reality, so as not to waste your entire life thinking that your thoughts of greatness (void of action) counts for something.

“Greatness is not in the Wishing but in the Acting… It MUST transcend Desire into Decision”

Until we realize that GREAT IDEAS will only just be GREAT IDEAS if we don’t decide to wake them up, then we won’t achieve the greatness we desire.Remember that old man you saw and pitied because he looked like he’d wasted his life and not made much out of himself? Yeah that man, guess what? He had more ideas than you presently do, but of course, he stayed in Utopia and did nothing, and so became that… NOTHING!

Don’t just wish it… Don’t just imagine it…

Think it.

Then DO IT!!!

Grace & Peace!

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