I was shook! I mean, properly and entirely shook! It was the second day of the month, a day I can never forget, a beautiful September, I had just been enrolled into a new school in the new town we just moved to, I didn’t like the move, but I didn’t exactly have a choice as my parents were the ones taking care of my 14 year old self then.

So, I walked into my to-be New class then and guess what I saw? The whole class, totally naked!!! Yes, you heard me, Naked! Apparently that’s the way it was there, to signify transparency and humility (or something like that), when they came to school they had to go naked. So… I WAS SHOOK!

Now, the events in this story did NOT happen to me or anyone I know for that matter, but just think about how the young boy in the story must have felt, stunned, confused and probably traumatized. That’s what Culture shock means, in school, in the course “Sociology”, we learnt what ‘Culture Shock’ is and I’ve never forgotten it.

The phrase can be defined as “The feeling of disorientation experienced by someone when they are suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes.” You can relate it to the lad in our story yeah? He was subjected to a very unfamiliar culture and it left him SHOOK… Culturally speaking.

The sad thing is that, many people don’t experience Culture Shocks any longer, there’s hardly ever anything they encounter that comes across as weird to them, they just “go with the flow”. This is a terrible mindset as it basically shows that one does not have values (belief system/ culture) that guides how the person lives, and that my dear friends is dangerous.

“If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.”- Irene Dune (May 1945)

This is as true as it gets, there’s so much “tolerance” now in the society (of which tolerance on its own isn’t bad, but when misapplied, becomes dangerous) and this is where people no longer STAND UP for their own values or SPEAK UP about them but now accept whatever they meet.

When you can’t vividly draw the line of your values; the things you stand for and believe that govern your thoughts, words, actions and by extension Life, you lose direction and abandon purpose.

“Not having YOUR own Values & Beliefs that rule your life is DANGEROUS…

It’s just like standing on the road with no knowledge of where you’re going and getting into any available vehicle, irrespective of its destination”

If you’ve found yourself in this ship repeatedly, you need to re-evaluate your life, find out what you truly believe about yourself, about belief, about life in general and let that form a guide for you, otherwise, you will be lost in life and absolutely void of purpose and direction.

Grace & Peace.

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