“DON’T Abuse Yourself”

Recently I’ve been struggling with keeping up with a lot of targets I set, and it’s quite tiring. What’s tiring? Repeatedly not achieving what you’d like to achieve is tiring. And even more tiring is the part where you get to beat yourself up for the consistent shortcomings.

Have you been unable to function as effectively as you’d like/use to? Do you set targets like me and don’t quite meet up? Do you constantly blame yourself for not being too proactive, diligent, dedicated, focused, or motivated enough to deliver?

If the answer to the last question is Yes, then you should STOP immediately.

What am I saying, that you should bask in your failures and give yourself a medal? Absolutely not! But the aim is to become effective and be able to meet set targets right? Then stop beating yourself up, DON’T Abuse Yourself. Until you desist from being inclined to blaming yourself all day and feeling bad or angry at yourself for not coming through, you’ll keep repeating the same pattern of not meeting up with set goals.

You must realize that you may not always be able to meet up to your expectations, you must be ready to deal with it.

Now, let’s be practical. A lot of people beat themselves up when they fall short, but how helpful/ productive is that? Let’s look at it this way, in this analogy; “You” are the employer and “Yourself” is the employee. So You employed Yourself and gave Yourself some work to do, some days You find the work done well, other days You blame Yourself for a terrible job. Now You realize as an employer that to help the productivity of your employee, You may have to employ different techniques besides query, rebuke, threats and the likes, sometimes You need to find out the cause of their challenge and look for a way to get proper & effective solution. You must ensure that there’s an enabling environment for Yourself to thrive, find out what brought about the failure and try to make adjustments.

At the end, what matters is that YOU should be careful not to do unprofitable things to Yourself in the name of beating Yourself up for not measuring up, You should try to get to the root of the matter, Praise Yourself when You need to, Caution Yourself when required, give Yourself a break if You have to, but just make sure that your actions are geared towards helping You achieve set goals EXCELLENTLY & become better and better.

Remember, YOU are the Boss, Don’t Abuse YOURSELF.

Apply Wisdom, Get Good Results.

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” Albert Einstein


Grace & Peace.

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