“My Biggest Enemy”

“Don’t ever try to prove yourself to people who doubt you, try to kill any doubt you ever had in yourself, that’s more productive.”

I’ve being putting aside really tiring & unproductive things nowadays, things like not being happy, like being ungrateful, like trying to prove myself to anyone.

Anyone that thinks I need to prove myself to them must be mistaken, I push myself to get better and better to kill any doubt that may exist in me, because in reality, I’m my biggest threat, I have the most ability to deter my growth and success, so should I rather focus on my greatest influence or go chasing things that don’t exactly matter?

Don’t be invested into working because you want to show someone you’re worth it, don’t do things you do (& are supposed to do) in a relationship to “prove” that you Love your partner, don’t be dedicated in your workplace because you want to prove whatever it is to your boss/ colleagues, don’t study and study to get excellent grades to “show” your parents/ peers how brilliant you are, don’t strive or even borrow to buy “stuff” (phones, cars, whatever) to prove to people that you “have” or that you “belong”.

The problem with this pattern of behavior is that it never ends, as you grow and go on to different stages of life, you’ll keep being under the pressure to prove to one person or the other something that in the long run, might really not matter.

Andy Mineo, a Christian Hiphop Artist puts it so aptly in his song “You Can’t Stop Me“;

“They try to shut us down, and it ain’t gon’ slide

Only thing I fear is God and He on my side

That’s the confidence of God, cause He got me

That’s why I really feel like


So if I’m really the only one that can stop me then I don’t need to prove Anything to anyone but be ready and steadfast to see that I’m not a hinderance to becoming all that I’m meant to be.

Prove To Yourself. Others Will Catch Up.

Grace & Peace.

1 thought on ““My Biggest Enemy”

  1. So inspirational.. I absolutely love this post💯

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