Based on Popular Demand?

Hey suckers! I really need to stop saying that, before some people will take it the wrong way. Let me say this once and for all, the reason I call y’all ‘suckers’ is that you suck at the greatest thing you can ever suck at; sucking! So that essentially means you rock, but saying ‘suckers’ is cooler. I have officially used the word ‘suck’ 7 times too many (with this last one included).

So now that I’ve bored you a little bit, let’s deal with what’s on the table for today? Speaking of tables, there’s something I have always wondered, that I kinda need help with… ‘If I’m content with what’s on my table, do I call it a Table of Content?’

While you chew on that, I’d like to thank everyone that suggested a topic or area of discussion for this post. I put out a post recently on social media saying that I’m kinda torn and don’t know what to write on for my next post, so I asked my ‘fans’ to suggest what they’d like me to talk about. The messages came flooding in, the number of responses that I got was overwhelming, the problem was now to start the selection process, I was ecstatic! Sike! None of that happened, like I mean NO ONE responded, and I’m not rounding up here or speaking figuratively, I mean NO FLIPPING ONE responded. Even my faithfuls who would usually jump on that and offer invaluable suggestions were nowhere to be found, like NOWHERE!

What do you think happened after that, I was excited? Maybe thrilled at the fact that no one responded to my call? Heck no! I felt devastated, distraught, disenfranchised even, okay it actually wasn’t that deep, I was just disappointed, I didn’t see it coming. As no one responded, me I proceeded to calm down, since the (ungrateful) people are not even keen on reading said posts. But then it hit me, how many times do people fall short of Greatness as a result of popular demand? A lot actually.

Popular demand is and will always be in popular demand. It’s so much easier to do what most people expect and accept, going against that is like swimming against the tides. But what if the tides are not flowing in your desired direction? Will you still flow with it.

Let’s paint a picture to bring it home, you’re going to Lekki; for my Lagosians or Maitama; for my Abuja fam, (the rest of you please choose a destination based on where you are, don’t stress me) yes and so you’re out on the road (for some reason in this day and age you don’t use Uber or Taxify) and waiting on a cab/bus to take you to your destination.

Now you get on a bus, but most people are not going to the same place as you are, they are going to Ikeja, Kubwa, Surulere, Wuse, and so on. By raise of hands, how many of you would join the crowd to drop at the more popular locations simply because it’s in popular demand? Now if your hand is up, slowly form a fist and give yourself a hard knock on the head.

Truth is, we would most likely keep going until we get to where we are actually headed as opposed to where most people are going to. If this is the case, why do we allow ‘popular demand’ to change our decisions and destinations in other instances, why don’t we stick to what we really want to do and damn the demands of the populace, why don’t we focus on our vision and stay on it till it manifests? Why do the opinions of others rock our boats so hard? Now I know I’m making it sound easier than it is, chill, I get it too, I’m human, but truth is truth fam, we have no business being swayed by popular demand when popular demand does not flow with our own vibe… (wait I should quote that)

“We have no business being swayed by popular demand when popular demand does not flow with our own vibe.” (Insert my credit)

Take me for instance, when I didn’t get the responses I hoped for, it deflated me, you know that feeling that you feel when your feelings are feeling feelings you can’t fully express? Yeah, I felt that. But like I always do, I asked myself, what can I take away from this? That people don’t give a rumpled shirt about my blog? That they really don’t want to read what I write? That I’m actually not encouraging anyone out there? Those are things I could have inferred and allowed (perceived) “Popular demand” destroy the good work we’re doing here.

Instead I decided to throw the wind to caution, cross my eyes and dot my teas, and do what I do, what I want to do and what I Love to do. And guess what, you’re reading this as a result of that decision, it wasn’t a decision made based on popular demand, but it was what I needed to do regardless.

Thanos GIF

So that it won’t be as if you just came to ‘listen to my tales’ and not learn anything, ask yourself the following questions:-

  • What has popular demand/opinion ever done for me?
  • Should I let it determine my actions going forward?
  • Like for real it’s not easy, but I can do it right? I can stay focused on what I really aim to do and that will lead me to greatness right?
  • Why am I still reading these questions, haven’t I already gotten the point?

So fam, I don’t give a creaky megaphone or a melting ice-cream how popular demands tend to sway you, remember it sways you away from greatness more often than not.

Before we share the Grace, think of one time you did something (possibly silly) because others were doing it and DROP A COMMENT BELOW (those uppercase letters mean I’m not even smiling). See ya!

Oh I almost forgot…

Grace & Peace Fam!

16 thoughts on “Based on Popular Demand?

  1. I titled my own experience “Solomon’s Water”

    So I’d just finished playing basketball with my home boys, it was a hot day and we’d run out of water. One of us (my gee Solomon) had frozen water (block) and offered and I was like; *scoff* this stuff will only torture you and make you even thirstier, it doesn’t work… As I yet spoke, folks were reaching out and asking for it and cos of that, a brother didn’t know when he reached out and grabbed a piece of ze ice-block to chew on as a temporary remedy. I smiled and shook my head (in my mind) at myself…

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  2. I love how you think 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww thanks. You’ve mind my blown away!
      Btw, where’s your own experience?


      1. I have none. Never been one to go with the flow hehe💅🏾

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Lol I used to write Facebook posts about my day because people were doing it.

    I got sick of it eventually. There was nothing original about following that trend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe, “What’s on your mind?”… I can relate. Thanks for sharing (what’s on your mind). Cheers!


  4. Finally thought of a popular demand thing: I tried to watch Game of Thrones because practically everyone declared it awesome, but couldn’t get past season two because there were so many themes that clashed with my actual preferences in a show. This has actually happened with a number of entertainment things, actually, come to think of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oohhh that’s a touchy one, y’all she just dissed GOT. Hmmm that’s brave!
      Thanks a lot for sharing Uju (even if it means you now have new haters & enemies).


  5. AWESOME work you’ve done here.


    1. Many many thanks Tochukwu.
      Please subscribe so as not to miss a post.


  6. I remember I never watched animes when I was younger. Because “all these manga stuff are not for girls.” Dunno who exactly I heard it from sef but everyone I knew was saying it. Now I’m 21 and I’m binging on Naruto when I could’ve simply watched it at my own pace earlier. Lol, I’m shaa going to finish it. Eventually.


    1. Oh yes, have fun. I mean, who sets the rules to these things? People always just want to transmit their own ideas and insecurities to us. But I guess we gotta choose our destination, cos last last, we’re the ones that’ll pay the price (to the conductor) 😀


  7. So ma home boys are getting new earbuds(wireless earpiece, actually trending like maad!) and like I’m literally de only one left in de crew to get one and errone’s like BANKY go get one (de popular demand stuff we talking bout) so I was actually pressured on to get one which I eventually did… And after that I realised I Just wasted a huge amount of money on dah shii… Turned out it was just like other “normal” earpiece, just “wireless”… There u have it fam…


    1. Hahahaha I can relate my brother. The other day i was saying that all these people buying the fake ones and carrying it in their ear like crown should gan buy very good Bluetooth earphones, enjoy the sound and still have their money, but noooo, popular demand will always do what it does best (Btw why isn’t there popular supply biko)?
      Anyways, thanks a lot for sharing fam!


  8. Funny and inspiring. I love it. I’m definitely not giving a rumpled shirt about lots of things from here on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaaa, that’s the spirit… Here’s to not giving a rumpled shirt!
      Thanks for your comment. Keep soaring!


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